How to succeed with Google Ads: our PPC methodology

Google AdWords management is a skill that has multiple levels of quality. Many companies only value the price to compare service providers, and this is a big mistake. Much of the success of management in Google AdWords is based on having the necessary theoretical knowledge (which are many), have a great analytical capacity to detect spaces for improving results but, above all, be orderly and have an efficient methodology.

This methodology must also be accompanied by a neat order of follow-up of the tasks to be carried out (we use Asana as a task manager), as well as efficient communication flows beyond email.

In Digital Menta we have developed an internal methodology based on our knowledge of the tool and focused on our years of experience in Google and digital marketing agencies. Thanks to this methodology (which we define and refine continuously) we have managed to improve the results of all our clients without exception.

Below we show the steps of this iterative methodology.

PPC Methodology Digital Menta AdWords Management

1. External analysis

An external analysis is carried out (economic context, market size, market segment, competition, etc.).

2. Internal analysis

Internal (services, products, internal resources, brand strength, etc. a SWOT will be created with differentiated strategies.

3. Definition of the PPC Strategy + Objectives

Defining Strategy, specific tactics and SMART objectives. Plan of Action and plan of Investments in Media.

4. Defining KPIS Base

Depending On the objectives defined, the indicators of control or KPIs, as well as the starting values, revision times, etc. will be established.

5. Keyword Analysis

The process of discovering the right keywords, as well as those negative words (essential to increase the ROI from Day 1). We use tools like Google’s KW tool or SemRush.

6. Creation of Base Campaign Structure

Ultra-Segmented and Controlled Structure to maximize ROI from day one and be more agile during the continuous optimisation process.

7. Implementation of Extra Features

Complete configuration with all the features of AdWords for greater ROI. Quality text Links, Call extension, location extensions, device bid modifiers, schedule and geographic.

8. Definition of optimisation project

Creating a client-shareable cloud project. The specific tasks are defined responsibly and the detail of each how much should be carried out to ensure total control of the quality of the optimisation process.

9. Continuous Optimisation

Continuous, proactive optimisations are performed to deliver the best results. We are in constant communication with the client.

10. Metrics Review

At the weekly, fortnightly or monthly level, the metrics defined at the beginning of the process are reviewed. New objectives are defined and action plans reviewed in case of changes or pivoting.

AdWords Management Methodology

AdWords Management Methodology of  Digital Menta

Our methodology is interactive from point 4 to point 10. The first steps are related to the PPC strategy, and something fundamental and not used all that should be among the professionals of the world PPC. If someone is looking for a digital marketing agency specialising in AdWords or SEM Management, you should ask for this critical point, as well as other primaries such as certification credentials.

Our agency is an expert in the management of Google AdWords campaigns and we provide, among others, the following benefits:

    • We are SEM Experts: Account Managers Experts in PPC, some of us have previously worked at Google.
    • Total Quality: We offer excellent quality service. We work in an orderly and controlled manner.
    • Continuous Innovation: We are continually analysing the updates to test them with our clients and to seek the continuous improvement.
    • Results: We have ALWAYS improved the results of our clients. Whether you’re looking for quality traffic, such as records or sales.
    • Transparency: The accounts are belong to the customer and Digital Menta works on them during the time of the relationship.
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SEM · 13 / 03 / 2015

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