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SEM · 02 / 01 / 2018

The time has come for you to be acquainted with one of the most powerful features for Structuring Adwords Campaigns And that is usually forgotten in most advertising accounts. This is due to job creation and optimization workloads that evade us in many cases of improvement and management opportunities.

Probably all the meet but surely few of you get your full potential, and long ago we owed you a post on this functionality. So, discover how the Adwords AD customizers They can help us.

As you know, ad customizers adapt your ads to user searches, devices, location, time of day, day of the week, etc… These customizers work by uploading an Excel to the shared library in the “Business Data” section and inserting parameters into the ads that refer to the columns in the upload base. Once refreshed this information see how to get the most out of them.

Countdown Announcements

A classic ad customizer, allows potential customers to know special offers or events by adding a countdown to the ad text.

The countdown customizers are offered in the count and GLOBAL_COUNTDOWN formats . The first is a countdown to a date set according to the time zone of the user. However, GLOBAL_COUNTDOWN shows the countdown of an event that occurs at the same time around the world, as the date of a sporting encounter.

Ads according to the device

With the iffunctions, text ads can be tailored depending on whether users are searching the mobile. This allows you to adjust the message as much as possible to this device. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do the same for computers or tablets.

Ad customizers 1

Ads depending on the audience

One of my favorites is the ability to adapt the ad depending on whether it is a user who is within a hearing. As we see in the following image, an If function is used to personalize the offer in the description of the ad depending on whether a user is on The advertiser’s “Abandoned Cart” retargeting list. Users on the list will see a ‘ 15% discount ‘ promotion; If not, they will get a ‘ 10% discount ‘ offer.

Ad customizers 2

Ads depending on the location of the users

Customizers also have orientation attributes that allow you to perform different functions in different scenarios that depend on any of the orientation options shown in this Google table:

Ad customizers 3

One way to use this is to show in the ads the location of the user’s interest or the physical location of this and therefore, that the text of our ad collect such information in a dynamic way, without having to segment campaigns by location .

This type of advertisement can be used for both e-commerce with shipping to all regions of a country, or for traditional companies that offer their service regardless of the location of their potential customers.

Ad customizers for product catalogs

The use of ad customizers to manage search campaigns related to a product catalog can provide complex tasks because it is a great workload to perform it manually. In addition, they avoid the slump of performance that can cause the rudimentary change of ads in which they have to go through a rigorous process for their subsequent approval.

As we see in the following example, you can dynamically add the ad text depending on the model of the product, the attributes characteristic of this one, such as capacity or type, the price of the product and a date of bid end when appropriate.

Ad customizers 4

As you can see, the multiple options offered by this functionality make it a tool that can make a difference in the performance of the campaigns. It is not difficult to imagine that the increase in the levels OF CTR will be one of the main consequences of the implementation of these characteristics, which favors, as no, our Quality Score.

We hope, as always, to have been of help and inspire you to improve.


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