Thanks Bing! Digital Menta 1st Prize at Bing Ads Bonanza in Spain

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Gerard Hoogeveen González

SEM · 08 / 09 / 2016

This summer Digital Menta Added Bing Ads to your customers ‘ campaigns.

Thanks to Bing Ads Bonanza We have come back from the holidays to see the fruits of all the work done just before… there is nothing more motivating to keep trying and learning!

We received the Deluxe Bing Bonanza Box and, in honor of your generosity with this 1st prize, we decided to use them directly at the office.

Here I am, Gerard, trying to imagine a healthier life:

Gerard with Bing's blender.

Thanks to Bing Bonanza’s award Gerard is happy because now he will eat healthier.

Joshua, proud of his new barbecue… vegetarian!

Bing Ads gives us barbecue.

Joshua to the last with his vegetarian barbecue!

And Oana, content with the LED speaker and Bing submersible camera, ready to listen to music while documenting the good times:

Bing gift for Oana, led baffle and submersible camera.

Oana animated because it has new toys to release this weekend

So, on behalf of the whole team of Digital Menta , our thanks to the entire team of Bing Ads but especially Raquel Tejedor and Maria Reimunde for all their support and help throughout the process. Thank you!

“A For the loot” Bing Ads SEM – The beginning of an adventure

Everything goes back to our visit to Dublin at the end of April when we met the European team of Bing Ads And we realized the potential of its SEM platform. With their collaboration we started talking with our clients and, after 3 months, we can say that most of our clients have decided to give Bing a chance. And it works!

Why use Bing Ads SEM ads?

Since we started our collaboration and started to see good data we have been analyzing the platform, its features and what makes advertisers succeed in it. Here are the most important:

  1. Volume: Traffic Nothing Negligible and less abroad. Very important for an agency with clients of international projection like ours.
    9% in Spain, 12% in France, almost 20% in the UK and more than 30% in the USA.
    With this data Bing traffic in the SEM ecosystem acquires enough weight to form part of any SEM strategy that aspires to be complete.
  2. Performance: It has been our experience that Bing traffic tends to bring public with less digital knowledge but with more purchasing power. We have noticed this through interesting conversion rates with older audiences (the volume is lower but when they look for more determined). And on the other, through some advertisers whose potential customers are ‘ digital natives ‘ and it has cost more to take traction.
  3. Competition: much less! This post may all change, but for now we have noticed a lot less nudges when choosing the ideal position for our ads according to each keyword. Apart from enjoying a few CPCs you know that your target audience hears fewer voices with similar messages. Conclusion? If you miss the SEM with a reasonable CPC, there you have Bing.

The differences between Bing and AdWords

Finally, a warning for unsuspecting navigators.

Although Bing Ads looks a lot Like AdWords and several aspects of its internal logic are very similar, that’s more of an appearance than a background reality. The optimization is similar (in general lines) but the creation, construction and/or transfer of campaigns, and the advanced configurations that accompany it, are not identical. They actually have considerable differences in certain aspects, for example:

  • Language settings (and how it Affects campaign performance)
  • Bid modifiers depending on the device.
  • Segmentation of the Search audience by demographic data.
  • More ad group-level controls.
  • And, my favorite, Bing doesn’t force you to accept close searches or spelling mistakes to your exact matches.

In conclusion, for these and more reasons we can announce that Bing Ads has become part of the package of advertising solutions that we offer our advertisers.

And now to win the new Bing Around the World contest!


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