The 7 Google Partners exams

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Daniel Quiles

SEM · 14 / 04 / 2016

When I started on Google in the AdWords team, I was very surprised by the training gear they had in the company so that anyone could know in depth the product with which I was going to work, in my case the AdWords.

At that time there was still no Google Partners platform and there were only certifications at the individual level. With the passage of time and when I was working in the company came Google Partners To Spain and in the middle of 2013, I had the opportunity to present it to the agencies that managed along With my colleagues from Google Alessandro And Nacho And with that program, up to 7 certifications that I would like to talk about next.


These are the 7 Google Partners exams:

1. Basics of AdWords

This Review treats basic and intermediate-level concepts such as the advantages of Google AdWords and advertising in general, and best practices for managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns.

2. Advertising in searches

This review covers advanced concepts such as best practices for creating, managing, and optimizing search-networkcampaigns.

3. Advertising Display

This Review covers advanced concepts such as best practices for creating, managing, and optimizing Display network campaigns.

4. Video Advertising

This Review covers basic and advanced concepts such as best practices for creating, managing, and optimizing video advertising campaigns On YouTube and on The Web.

5. Advertising Shopping

This review covers basic and advanced concepts, for example, how to create an account Merchant Center and a product data feed, and how to create and manage Shopping campaigns.

6. Mobile Advertising

This review covers basic and advanced notions of mobile advertising, such as formats, bidding and ad segmentation, and campaign measurement and optimization.

7. Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Competency Certificate Exam covers basic and advanced Google Analytics concepts. This includes topics such as:

    • Planning and principles.
    • Implementation and data collection.
    • Configuration and administration.
    • Conversion and attribution.
  • Reports, metrics and dimensions.

But is it really important to do all the Google Partners exams?

The answer is yes, although it requires an effort between the formative and exam part of more than 20h per person, we know that is a way to have the entire team informed and trained on the latest news From Google AdWords.

Although in Digital Menta We know that having all the certifications is not the only factor when it comes to having an advanced knowledge of AdWords, we also have a continuous training system that both I, and Toni Fernandez And Gerard González, that all three of us have worked on Google, we constantly share with the rest of the team.

We also know that an agency that has the whole team with the tests done, implies an effort an attitude to want to do things right and always be the last. That is why Veronica, a colleague of the SEM team, has been doing since January 2016 a Google AdWords Ranking Depending on your number of certifications.


In my next article I will comment in detail some tips and tricks to pass all the certifications of Google AdWords.

See you soon!


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