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SEM · 19 / 06 / 2017

Every PPC professional needs to continue training and learning. The learned knowledge will never be enough and it will always be necessary to learn, learn and re-learn. Therefore, it is essential to consult the industry’s reference blogs. Here’s our pool! If you didn’t know them, you’re taking a long time to freshen up.

PPC Blogs in English

  • PPC Hero: This is a blog that has developed Messenger Marketing and for us one of the best not to say the best worldwide.
    In Digital Menta we consider it as the bible of THE PPC.

PPC Blogs to read

  • WordStream: WordStream is a fantastic tool for managing and optimising campaigns for small and medium-sized advertisers. Its proposed value is to optimize an account in 20 minutes a week. It is founded by Larry Kim, one of the gurus of the SEM At the global level. I will not say that it can replace the power of people’s business analytical, but it can be a useful tool for advertisers whose campaigns are relatively static or with few changes.

One of the great drawbacks of WordStream is that its full potential is only available for Anglo-speaking markets.

  • Search Engine Watch: One of the best digital marketing blogs with a very important section of PPC. His articles are frankly well-written and his approach often goes beyond purely technical and focuses on broader aspects
  • SearchEngineLand: Another of the essential blogs for the reading of any SEM professional. It is not 100% PPC but its SEM section, where they write guest professionals who offer their knowledge of the industry from multiple points of view, makes it really interesting to read it. You can’t miss it!
  • SEOMOZ Blog:  The most reputed and used tool for professionals in SEO. Its content is of very high quality including video lessons offered by Rand Fiskin, Co-founder of SEOMoz. This blog can complement very well the rest of blogs for the extensive knowledge of SEO they have. A good SEM Account Manager, more knowledge of SEO has, better.
  • Unbounce: Cloud platform that allows you to create Landing pages Under the WYSIWYG paradigm. In addition, this platform allows AB Tests in a very simple and quick way. The approach of unbounce is not strictly PPC, but having its focus on one of the cornerstones of the efficiency of PPC campaigns such as landing pages, includes a large number of articles related to PPC. It’s definitely a blog to keep in mind and read constantly to learn how to maximize the ROI of PPC campaigns.
  • Acquisition: Platform for automated optimisation of advertising campaigns. His knowledge of the sector is impressive. Its platform is one of the most complete (although its prices are not accessible to the vast majority of advertisers) in the world of automation platforms and optimisation of AdWords accounts.

PPC Blogs in Spanish

  • AdWords Blog: Google’s Blog in Spanish, where we talk about the updates of AdWords (which are not so few). Essential to be aware of the new functionality of the platform. Their approach is very educational so that we understand better the platform.
AdWords Community-More than a PPC Blog

AdWords Community- More than a PPC Blog

  • Adwords Community: Essential. The Google AdWords Expert community allows you to analyze, and ask for, super specific and concrete things about customer campaigns. It is a super-practical environment where people help each other in a selfless way so that the work of AdWords professionals has the best results. Super Recommended!
  • DarkMoon’s Blog: Enrique del Valle is one of the most reputed PROFESSIONALS in PPC as well as one of the most active in The Google AdWords community. He always says interesting things on his blog with great depth.
  • BlueCaribu: Company specialising in Google AdWords with offices in Madrid, Bogotá and Lima. A good blog in Spanish for those who do not dominate in English.
  • Semmantica: Another blog that offers interesting content from the point of view of an agency specialising in Spanish. Very interesting to know what they think of the PPC world.

Bonus tips, other PPC blogs to include in the list

If there is any other PPC blog that you consider interesting to share with us, please do not hesitate. Of course you can continue reading articles on Google AdWords.


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