This is war! Bidding strategies with adwords target outranking

In previous chapters, we talked about the different AdWords Bidding Strategies, exposing what is the utility of each and how to implement them. Well, today we present a real case of how It works one of these bidding strategies with AdWords in real life or, rather, in a campaign of one of our clients. More specifically, we will talk about the top Ranking bidding strategy after having used it to resolve a situation with our client. Do you want to know if it suits you or not to implement it? Stay with us!

What is the top Ranking AdWords bid strategy?

As we tell you in the article that we have already quoted, the Top Ranking Bid Strategy It is ideal when our goal is to always appear (or in a specific percentage of auctions) above one of our competitors. By applying this strategy, we are asking AdWords to adjust our bids so that we are able to appear above the competition, there being the option to set a maximum CPC limit that we are willing to pay. In the implementation process we will tell you the URL of the competitor that we want to surpass.

To justify whether or not it is appropriate to use the top AdWords bid strategy, we will see a real case of how it affected the implementation of this strategy In an AdWords account managed by Digital Menta . We?

Introduction to the Customer

To put you in situation, we are going to present to one of our clients (from now on client X) whose activity consists in the sale online of certain product and is leader of the markets in which it operates, since practically there is not a business model Similar (if there are retailers that sell this same product in their e-commerce, but do not dedicate to it exclusively). With a scenario like this, you can imagine that the ads of their campaigns in AdWords reach and drink the first positions of the auction “without disheveled” And with CPCs quite reasonable.


But the calm does not last forever. In August a competitor appeared in one of the countries in which the client X operates, stepping on quite strong also. Can you imagine the consequences? The CPCss were shot in this country and it was quite difficult for us to keep our comfortable position in the first place of the search results without having To bear CPCs considerably elevated. In addition to losing our comfortable first position in 100% of auctions, the number of conversions also decreased and this provoked in the client the insistence on getting and maintain the first position, almost at any price. But a strategy of Google AdWords Manual Bidding, consisting of raising and reraising the CPCs manually was not enough.

In the next screenshot you can see the evolution of CPCs and conversions from July to August:

AdWords Bidding Strategies-top

AdWords Bidding Strategies-top

Evolution of CPCs and conversions of July August-bidding strategies with AdWords

How we proposed to solve it

Seeing the situation and after shuffling several options with the client X, we came up to try the top Ranking bid strategy. As explained above, this bid strategy would allow AdWords, after indicating which domain was our competitor, automatically bid to appear in a higher position in a percentage of the auctions in which Coincidiésemos. In the case of client X, and by express desire of it, we indicate to AdWords that we wanted to appear above the “enemy” in 100% of the cases, but we established at the same time a limit of CPC, although quite high, to cover our backs in what appeared to be the war.


According to the theory, what was expected when applying this bid strategy With AdWords is a significant INCREASE in CPC. As a result we had that would improve our online presence, recovering our lost and missed first position above our enemy and achieving the desired goal of returning to the times of prosperity in terms of conversions.

However, the result was not the expected. ???? the middle position ironically did not improve, just the opposite, and conversions gave no sign of going to more.

The most curious thing about this is that after eliminating the bidding strategy, we improve the average position!

  Below you can see the evolution of CPCs and conversions before and during the implementation of this strategy and after eliminating it.

Bid strategy with Adwords top

Evolution of CPCs and conversions when applying bid strategy with AdWords top

Recommendation from Digital Menta

If we had to issue a verdict, that would be kids, don’t try this at home! However, we must not forget that every customer and every market is a world. So, if you dare with this strategy of bidding, we give you some tips:

  • Try first with a teeny campaign, which does not represent the bulk of the account conversions.
  • Set a profitability reference before you START: CPC limit and percentage of times we want to appear above.
  • Keep a close eye on the results: Let’s not Forget that AdWords is not an Account Manager.
  • Try not to make other changesin the campaign that is using the bid strategy; In this way we will be able to attribute the results to this one without any doubt.

Do you dare to try this or another strategy? We look forward to your comments soon!

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SEM · 26 / 04 / 2016

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