Advantages of working at Google. Top 10 things.

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Daniel Quiles

SEM · 16 / 04 / 2015

A year ago I stopped working on Google to start the project Digital Menta Along with other ex-Google colleagues, but I still have very good memories of one of the best companies that exist to work.

Looking back, I still remember my first day of work and how the things that were happening all the time have changed to better my perception about Google and how to work there.

Is it as good to work on Google as they say?

Yes, and that’s why and just coinciding with the first anniversary of Digital Menta , a project born with the idea of being a digital agency managed by Google employees and with the idea of having a culture like Google, I will tell the best things to have worked there.

1-Working with bright people

One of the best things about working at Google has been being able to work and get to know first-hand so much talent in the same building.

I had the opportunity to work in the European headquarters of Google in Dublin, where we were more than 3,000 employees from different countries, people with studies and experience in different areas but all with one element in common: The excellent way of doing things.

I learned a lot from my colleagues, managers and directors from different markets, and this helped me to acquire the experience and the desire to be able to undertake with other companions.

2-Participatory and creative environment

When you work in a company with so much talent, you also want to be heard and be able to contribute your own ideas and opinions. At the end of the day, that’s why they want you there and in Google exactly this aspect is very careful.

They always listen to your opinions and give you constructive feedback on them. In fact I realized that many of my ideas were carried out. In addition, you have 20% of your working time to be able to lead and manage your own projects.

3-Flexibility of schedules and holidays

Each person starts to work and perform at different times in the morning, so in Google you can Enter at the time Make it more efficient for your work. Yes, if you arrive later than 9:30 you run out of breakfast.

The objective is that the hours you are going to be in the office are those in which you can contribute the most; It is no use being when you are tired or too sleepy.

You can also freely choose your vacation, without asking for permission, up to 2 weeks in a row, so that you can select your days of rest as long as this does not impact negatively on the job.

4-Diversity of cultures

In the Dublin office there are more than 45 languages of the 38 countries that are managed from there and one can feel how an atmosphere of diversity is breathed. In every event, meeting or even in the restaurant, you can be surrounded by people to share and discover things about your language or culture.


Teamwork is the key within any organization, but Google goes further and makes working with your teammates fun, efficient and productive.


Google TeamWork

6-Perks Unbeatable

In the technology sector many companies offer employees “perks” or benefits to retain talent, but Google’s are unbeatable. Actions, medical insurance, travel, discounts in stores, restaurants, even a 10-year salary for your family in the event of death are some of the benefits you can enjoy working on Google.

7 – Above-average remuneration

Although most of the good things about working on Google do not have a monetary value, I have to recognize that Google pays its employees above the industry average.

8 – Personal Goals Assessment

In Google everything counts and, therefore, the fact of coming the bike to work or to make a hiking route during the weekend is valued by the managers. For Google you are not just an employee from Monday to Friday from 9 to 6pm, they want you to feel good both outside and inside work and will always help you in whatever way you can to get it.


Restaurant in Google Dublin

9-Varied restaurants

If you like to try food from different countries and themes you’re in luck! The Google office in Dublin has more than 7 restaurants with different menus so you can eat every day that you like.

10 – Swimming pool, gym and events

Do you like sports or go to social events? There’s nothing missing from Google. You have fun activities organized every week, a fully equipped gym and heated swimming pool to enjoy the indoor sport.

I will soon write another post telling more about the experience of having worked on Google.


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