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SEM · 10 / 10 / 2017

Would You like to better understand the behavior of your users and get extra information to optimize your Adwords account? Discover with the attribution reports the method of making the most appropriate decisions to improve the yields.

It is important, before deusing this tool, to keep in mind that if we work with the same client different accounts under a MCC and have a common conversion in all of them or their data shares the data of the same market, the correct analysis should be done at MCC level; Having said that, we should go into the matter:

First we must access the general view of Attribution (I attached capture so that you can find it easily)

Adwords Attribution reports

Where we will find a summary of the account data, including the number of conversions, conversion value, days to conversion, ad clicks by conversion, and conversion ad impressions. But let’s go beyond this general data to know the behavior of the users with our Adwords campaigns and analyze the most indicative parts of the tool:

Conversions > > assisted conversions

Adwords Attribution reports (3)

In this section we can see how campaigns, ad groups and keywords interact with each other in the conversion process, in case you have active a company brand campaign, you will be able to see in the vast majority of cases that most of the Conversions Of this campaign come from clicks assisted by other campaigns, a basic symptom of how the user retains the name of the brand after more specific searches.

Also, this section will help us to know the weight that other Keywords In the account they have to contribute to many more conversions, an aspect that is hardly detectable when you have established a last click Conversion model.

Multidevice activity

We have talked on several occasions about device bid settings and how in many cases it can be of great relevance in optimizing an account. In the section of multidevice activity You have a tool of obligatory analysis that gives us information on the conversions that have involved the use of several devices and on those devices that have been of assistance for Provide a complete view of performance in the conversion path, detailing even the most common processes in the Device Paths section.

 Adwords Attribution reports (5)

We recommend to analyze this report in detail as we will be able to discover patterns of use of our users that will influence the decision of advertising investment and/or technical development to improve our results.

Routes > > time lapse

With the time lapse report we will be able to discover how long it takes for users to make a conversion from the first impression of our ads or from the first click. This will serve us to weigh and quantify how long the decision process of our clients, whether in days or hours. In addition, this report is an important part of setting bids for hours or days of the week because in accounts where conversions have a long lapse of time (more than three days) we will not be able to make very strong adjustments based solely on CPA. This is because we may eliminate a major traffic that is in the process of discovering or obtaining information.

Adwords Attribution reports (2)

Routes > > route length

A simple method of knowing how many clicks are necessary until the conversion and thus to know if you can be more aggressive at the CPC level or have a lower intensity because many clicks are needed until a conversion is generated.

Attribution Models

We arrive at the end of this post with the tool that best will determine which should be our Attribution model Because it allows to make a cross between the different models that assign the yields obtained to our campaigns. 

Although it is often a matter of decisions that are determined by the sector of the company, we recommend using that model that best distributes the conversions between your campaigns in order to have, in this way, the campaigns that intervene in the Conversion process quantified to the naked eye. To do this, the most complete method is the data-based attribution model but in order to use this model, an account must have received at least 15,000 clicks and a conversion action must have recorded at least 600 conversions within a 30-day period . If you do not find yourself in this situation, a linear or position-based attribution method may be the most appropriate.

Adwords Attribution reports (4)

Do not miss a minute more and know in depth all the information you had missed during this time thanks to the attribution reports.


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