Interview with Maylis Chevalier, Country Manager at Ligatus Spain

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SEM · 22 / 09 / 2016

As you know, dear Marketinianos, there is life beyond AdWords and Facebook. It’s not always these nets that allow us to hit the nail. A while ago we had our experience with the PAN Advertising Network, and now we want to introduce you Ligatus. We have talked To Majlis Chevalier, Country Manager of Ligatus in Spain and this is what he told us!

Question: What is Ligatus?

Answer: Ligatus is the first platform native advertising performance Europe. She celebrates ten years in Digital Performance Marketing pioneering the native format at the foot of the article and now also in native programmatic. Thanks to its own technology, Ligatus offers its publishers a constantly evolving monetization and traffic expansion tool to generate a premiumaudience.

For advertisers and agencies, Ligatus offers a service with two types of campaigns: branding And Performance, both through direct sales and programmatic.

In Europe, Ligatus exceeds 31 billion of impressions per month in the more than 1,200 premium sites of its network reaching 60% of the audience. In Addition to its headquarters in Germany, it operates in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria, where it adds more than 150 employees.

– Q: What types of media can advertising appear in?

A: The text-image format of Ligatus is native and fulfills in form and function with the editorial content without damaging the user experience.

In other words:

  • Form: The Ligatus format integrates into the user’s visual experience, adopting the look & feel of the editorial context in which any original content is
  • Function: The Ligatus format is consistent with its environment and works as if it were an original content

Based on this definition, Ligatus can be integrated in any publishing environment also in an environment of photos and videos, such as galleries.

Ligatus Ads in Support

Ligatus’s Ads

– Q: Why would you say that Ligatus is better than other Premium Ad networks?

A: A network is a living being. Like a plant, you have to water it and care for it to grow. Today, in Spain, Ligatus is the only native and performance platform that unites both solutions, monetization and expansion of traffic and, at the same time, meets a high demand for quality. We Take Care of the quality of the publisherNetwork, the sites, the campaigns and the service to obtain the best conversion and THE best CTR.

Our Monetization Solution optimizes the greatest variety of campaigns and brands. As for the level of our solution of traffic expansion, this is 100% contextual without behavior cookie WITH excellent CTR.

In Addition, Ligatus is the first native platform in Europe to open its network for programmatic sales and to have strategic agreements with Criteo. Any DSP compatible with the OPEN RTB 2.3 standard can be connected To The Ligatus SSP provided it complies with its brand safetystandards.

– Q: Who and how is it optimized? Is there a possibility that the client is Account Manager or does the management make it to 100% Ligatus?

A: The advertiser or agency can manage its campaign autonomously through the Ligatus Self Bookingtool. But We recommend leveraging the expertise of Ligatus’s operations team to optimize the campaign.

– Q: Based on what is optimized? How does optimization work in Ligatus?

A: Our algorithm serves the campaigns in the different sites of the network depending on the interest they arouse in the user. The Ligatus algorithm optimizes ECPM so the two levers Are the CPC and the CTR, always taking into account the objective of the advertiser to ensure the maximum profitability of the campaign.

Geolocation, user agent, site category, site, user targeting are some optimization factors to which you can add KPIs to measure. In addition, Ligatus advises agencies and advertisers to optimize the creativity and Landing Page in order to achieve the best result of the campaign as a whole.

– Q: How does Ligatus work with The advertiser?

A: Ligatus is considered as part of the advertiser’s digital strategy. It is not considered as a mere channel of acquisition, but as a true strategic partner that brings value beyond the results of campaigns with its international expertise in native advertising across all sectors of the industry.

And so far our interview with Ligatus! Tell you that during the course of the campaigns, you are assigned an Account Manager that is quite outstanding of it, sends each day a report with metrics and results and suggests optimizations for performance improvement.

In short, and after having carried out a campaign with Ligatus, we can say that we are satisfied with the results and that we recommend those of you who need to explore other networks, you give a chance to Ligatus because you really can Get good results.

Have you any questions left? Did you know Ligatus any of you? We look forward to your comments we read!


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