What are Call Only campaigns and how do they work?

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Josue Simón

SEM · 12 / 04 / 2016

A few months ago Google introduced the “Only call” campaigns in Adwords, the company is taking once more, another step in the mobile dimension. But what are really the Call Only campaigns and what are they for? These and other questions are what we are going to address in this publication.

Call only campaigns

For years now, Adwords offers us the possibility to show the call extensions in our advertisements, being able to visualize the advertiser’s phone with his text ad. In addition, when you agree that a user displays the ad with that extension on your phone, you have the possibility of Calling directly. However, this is no longer an extension of the main ad, an advertisement whose objective is to get a visit to our website (and subsequent actions that are made there). However, this is an extension that we do not have control of when the user is displayed along with the ad and when it is not.

They are the CAll Only campaigns that come to solve these limitations.

Call only versus call extension

On the left a text ad with multiple extensions, including a call extension. On the right an an ad of a Call Only campaign.

The Call-only campaigns pursue this single objective, the telephone call, and that is why they do not show any information more than the necessary to the user and that can distract him from carrying out this objective. The ads for this type of campaigns are simple, with 2 descriptive lines of 35 characters each, a visible URL (although the click on the ad does not take you to it); and a headline or title, which in this case will be the phone number of the advertiser or the name of the company. Next to the ad is a call to the action inviting you to call along with a phone-shaped icon. And nothing more! In addition, these ads are only displayed on mobile devices.

Advantages of call-only ads versus other ad types

Call-only ads will be displayed whenever our ad is suitable for display. However, call extensions for text ads, either in search ads as in Display network text ads, do not appear whenever the ad is printed, but it is Google who decides when to show them according to different criteria such as the position of the advertisement, the relevance of such extension, the quality or other criteria that we do not know.

Creating a Call Only campaign

The image shows the option to mark to create a Call Only campaign

Our ads appear only and exclusively on devices where it is possible to make a phone call. Therefore, the effectiveness of the number of impressions of the ad with respect to the number of calls should be greater than that of the call extensions, which are multidevice.

In addition, and to make the ads more effective, we can schedule our call ads to be displayed only in the daytime and hours when we have phone service.

Without a doubt, another advantage offered by the Call Only campaigns is to be able to control in a thorough way the budget for advertising on mobile devices. Also to control the bids on these mobile devices, which will no longer be linked to the bids for desktops or laptops through a percentage adjustment, but we have total control and independence on the bids in these campaigns.

Last but not least, one of the advantages that call only campaigns can bring to our business is to eliminate a step in our conversion funnel. With the search ads we all know, our potential client or lead should:

See the ad > Click on it > interact with our landing page > let us Lead

However, with the call announcements, the user should:

See the announcement > Call > Leave the lead

All these advantages lead us to consider, are the call ads valid for all advertisers?

What advertisers’ profile is the most optimal use of Call Only campaigns

First, any advertiser who offers phone attention is a good candidate for these ads. In Digital Menta we support the Try, Try, Try method. If you don’t try a function, you’ll never know if it’s a good fit for your business. Maybe these campaigns will report a better CPC or CPA, even give you a handful of extra conversions. However, it is possible to detail a series of profiles that can benefit more this type of campaign. Some examples of these may be:

  • Commercialisation of complex products and services, in which the client requires advice for the purchase or hiring.
  • Advertisers with a landing in which content is not properly displayed on mobile devices
  • Advertisers interested in registering and capturing leads.
  • Small advertisers who prefer a call before other types of contact slower, such as services plumbers, electricians, locksmiths…
Conversion Campaigns Call Only

Setting up the Call Only campaign conversion

Is it possible to measure the conversions from the Call Only campaigns?

Definitely yes, although in a particular way, just as we do with the call extensions. If we want to measure as conversions those calls of more than a certain time, we must configure a call conversion using a Google forwarding Number, and indicate the minimum duration that we want to have the calls to be counted as conversion.

Have you already incorporated the Call Only campaigns to your Online Leads recruitment strategy? Let us know how your experience has been.


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