An SEO audit is the starting point in a SEO strategy. Knowing the level of optimization of each factors involved in SEO Marketing will help us define the actions necessary to ensure that users who are searching for our products or services find them.

At Digital Menta we analyze the elements within a website that directly influence the site’s ability to position itself in search engines. In an audit check that search engines are able to find the content we want to position and provide the necessary recommendations for search engines to consider that we are relevant to users, positioning ourselves in the top positions of the search results pages.

Each website is different and an SEO audit will tell us in which points we should work in each specific site. We evaluate the factors that are affecting the positioning of the website at present and we detect opportunities for improvement in each case.

The client is the epicenter of everything. Therefore, we work diligently offering, at all times, a kind and close treatment to get the customer satisfied.

The client is the epicenter of everything, we work with a friendly and pleasant approach, allocating our resources so that our client is satisfied.

For this, we rely on the needs detected to define a goal in accordance with some objectives, developing an optimal and customized action plan.

In this way, we put our Google SEO optimization services at your disposal, which begin with the development of an SEO audit, and continues with the definition of an SEO strategy

according to the needs of each project.

Counting at all times with the best customized service and the best qualified team.

These are some of the benefits of making a thorough SEO audit any company can get:


It facilitates the understanding process of the current situation of a website.


It detects elements that negatively affect the ranking of the web in order to optimize it.

Assessment of opportunities

The same way it allows to detect factors that affect negatively, it also allows to evaluate new opportunities of improvement to attract quality traffic.

Good practices

We check if you are following the best practices and recommendations of Google for webmasters.

Avoid penalties

It allows to detect whether strategies or actions that are penalized by the search engines have been used at some time to revert them immediately and avoid loss of visibility.

On-page / Off-page

Both on-page and off-page factors are analyzed.

How do I do an SEO audit?

An SEO audit analyzes the factors that affect the ranking of a Web site in search engines, such as the loading speed, the level of image optimization, the configuration of the URL parameters, the existence of duplicated content, etc.

What is an on-page SEO audit?

An on-page SEO audit focuses on optimizing the elements of the website itself with the objective of improving its visibility level in the search engines.

What is an off-page SEO audit?

An off-page SEO audit consists of an analysis of the links that point out to a Website. You must analyze the number of domains, their authority, the numbers of links, the anchor text, and so on.

What does an SEO audit report include?

An SEO Audit report includes the SEO Analysis of a lot of elements of a website. These can be structured in different ways within a report. The most important thing is that the audit is clear and allows us to understand what changes will improve the visibility of a website.

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