The SEO optimization, or properly called “SEO”, is a fundamental part of any online marketing strategy. A good ranking allows us to reach the users who are looking for our products or services through the search engines in a natural or organic way.

In Digital Menta we analyze the status of all the factors of SEO optimization in relation to each website, optimizing them so that all relevant content is accessible by the user through the search engines.

Each website is different and therefore its SEO strategy must also be different. We design an individual SEO strategy for each of our clients depending on the current state of their website, their objectives and the improvement possibilities.

Our way of working focuses on the customer, so we consider it essential to provide a close treatment and put everything on our side to achieve customer satisfaction.

To this end, we rely on the identified needs to define a goal in line with objectives, developing an optimized and individual SEO Marketing strategy.

That’s why we offer our services, consisting in the elaboration of a SEO Audit and the definition of a SEO strategy according to the needs of each particular project. All with the best professionals at your disposal.

SEO Marketing carries a great number of benefits for a company, no matter its size.

Increased visibility

An increase in the visibility of the website leads to greater opportunities to improve the brand image, since it allows us to reach a greater number of users.

Improved positioning

An improvement in the ranking of the pages of the website within the search engines will be accompanied by an increase of the organic traffic. The better ranked a page in the rankings of the search engines, the increase of organic visits will be exponential because the first search results are the ones that most clicks receive.

Conversion increase

In turn, the improvement of the ranking and the organic traffic translates into an increase of the conversions.

Quality organic traffic

When considering the SEO strategy, it is important to define and prioritize those search terms that can provide quality traffic that translates into the acquisition of conversions.

Higher conversion rate

As a general rule, the conversion rate of the users acquired through organic channels tends to be higher than the conversion rate of the paid channels.

Permanent results

A great SEO strategy must be sustainable in the time to achieve continuous growth.

How do you achieve success in SEO?

To improve SEO ranking of a website on Google we must ensure that the pages we want to rank are the best possible result for certain search terms, following at all times the guidelines for webmasters of the search engine itself.

How is SEO improved?

Hundreds of factors are involved in the search engine optimization of a page. We must thoroughly analyse all these factors and optimize each one of them.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The main difference is that in the paid advertising implies a cost for every click that the user makes in a result of our website, something that does not happen if the web is ranked in an organic way. On the other hand, the high organic search position is the result of an optimization process that has a medium-long term effect, whereas with the paid marketing, immediate results are achieved.

Does the SEO help to achieve an increase in market share?

Yes, with the SEO the market share is increased. One of the advantages of achieving a good ranking is the capture of organic traffic, but especially the recruitment of potential customers who still don’t know the business but are interested in the products or services offered.

What are the advantages that are achieved with the SEO?

Two advantages that we highlight are:

  • Gaining authority and recognition as an expert: the quality content is not only focused on achieving the first positions in search engines, but also helps to convert better and assumes that users consider you a leader in the sector.
  • Complement and benefit the rest of the traffic channels: optimization of the ranking, does not harm the work of other acquisiton channels, but actually benefits them.

Miriam Bayona

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