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SEO · 27 / 06 / 2019

One of the aspects in which we look at all internet users, and that has a lot of weight in our purchase decision, are the reviews. Maybe it’s the first thing we look for every time we discover a new website.

And it’s that when it comes to the Internet, the best footprint you can leave as a company are the opinions and positive reviews of your customers.

It is true that users leave their opinions, testimonials and success stories within your company’s website. However, they can only be read by those who enter the website.

Today I’m going to talk to you about the Google’s opinions; I want to show you how you can activate them, so that internet users can see them in the search engine every time they find you. But also I’ll explain how to add these reviews to your website.

Let’s start!

The importance of Google Reviews for your business

Surely on more than one occasion you have found that it is not easy for someone to leave a review commenting on how well, or less well, that they have felt buying a product or service from your company.

Many companies strive to ask for such reviews; do real marketing campaigns offering gifts and/or making sweepstakes in exchange for an opinion, just an opinion, of your customers.

This gives you an idea of the importance of having this feedback from users who already smile, having lived the experience of becoming customers of your company.

One of the highlights, and that benefits you greatly when you have positive opinions of the services and/ or products you offer, is the preference that Google will give you in SERPs, or user search results.

And not only that; because if internet users detect that you respond to rating messages, and you also leave responses to those not-so-positive reviews left to you by some customers, I assure you that this will increase your cache and acceptance among your potential customers.

Let’s see how you can make it easier for users to leave their reviews about their business; and also how you can incorporate these reviews into Google on your website.

Google Maps’ review rating system

It is well known to all the need to register your business in Google My Business to enable the user reviews option.

In theory, you shouldn’t do more; because a customer searches for you on Google, your company appears in the search results with all the information provided by the search engine, including the possibility to write a review. And the customer leaves their review and opinion. 

In practice, however, it is not so simple. And it is that humans become very lazy when we have to leave an opinion about a company who has taken care of us correctly. 

Well, actually this happens because once you’ve solved the problem or the need of your customers, already they can’t find the time to thank you publicly on the Internet.

Doesn’t this happen if the user has had a bad experience with you? Negative reviews always have more self-pumping and make much more noise than any transaction that produces full customer satisfaction.

So, when it comes to trying to get an opinion from a customer, you have to do everything possible to make it easier for you to access the site where you want me to leave you a few words.

You may think an email might be enough. But even that can be unpleasant for your client; there are a lot of people who don’t use it or just don’t like it.

Help your customers leave a review on Google

It’s true that there are many people willing to share how happy they are after you’ve purchased a product or service from your company. But you can’t leave this circumstance in the hands of chance.

Remember that much of your online reputation is defined precisely by those opinions that speak of your company. 

So, for the laziest users, or those who can’t find a way to write you a few words telling their experience, you can create a link that will take you directly to the Google My Business screen. So, you’ll just have to write your review.

To do this, you must use the tool Google Review Direct Link Generator in this way:

  • You can Access to this app through this link.
  • Once inside you have to go to the map and with the help of the search engine find your company Google My Business.
  • The tool gives you two types of results. On the one hand, it makes it easier for you to direct link for your customers to leave their review. And on the other hand it displays all the reviews that are already written.

One very interesting thing that you can include on your company’s website is the QR code that provides you with Google Review Direct Link Generator. 

It is an option that more and more companies are using, although I advise you to value whether your customers are active users of such connections.

As you can see, following a few simple steps this application creates a link for your customers to quickly and easily access the screen where they will talk about their experience with your company.

Include Google reviews on your website

Having Google reviews within your website, in view of all the internet users who visit you, is a very effective way to build trust you need any lead to become a customer.

And they are all benefits to you, because the Google bot will also value very positively inclusion of reviews within your website.

There are several ways of power include Google reviews within your website, but I’m going to talk to you in two very popular and equally effective ways.

WidgetPack Google Reviews

If you work with WordPress you already know that this program can do for you practically everything; also include Google reviews within your site. And the best way to give you solution to what you need is through plugins.

WidgetPack Google Reviews It’s a plugin that helps you visualize Google reviews on your website. There is a free version where it shows the 5 reviews you choose; and in the pro version you can already add as many as you see fit.

In any case, the plugin is so complete that it allows you to delimit the review space with the “Read more” button,  And you can also do Paging.Show 5 results, but if you want your website readers to do a little more research, let them read more comments.

Something very interesting that this plugin offers you is that its installation, configuration and use doesn’t alter your website’s loading time. You can rest easy because it doesn’t change that data that’s so relevant to you.

It is certainly an option with the you will generate a lot more trust in all the people who visit your website. It allows you to manage reviews as you like; put the best in top positions and win customers for your company.

Embed Reviews, a fully configurable widget

If the idea of installing a plugin doesn’t seduce you, you can count on the services of Embed Reviews. This is an online platform where you can connect your Google My Business location.

When you paste the code into your website you can start seeing Google reviews on your website.

The good thing about this widget is that offers you a variety of options to customize viewing your reviews. Use corporate colors to integrate it further into your website. 

It allows you to include the aggregate rating that users have left you. All this and much more that you can discover inside Embed Reviews.

Do you include Google reviews on your website? If you want to analyse the impact of this simple gesture on your sales index, our team of experts can help you create an action plan in order to study the effects of including reviews on your website. Tell us what you need, we have the solution to grow your company every day.

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