8 Best practices to succeed with ads in Instagram

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SOCIAL ADS · 07 / 10 / 2015

Instagram has finally become a more advertising platform for companies of all sizes. Many brands are already advertised on this network why not try if it works for your business?

Now, watch out! Does that mean that Advertising in Instagram Is it going to make you successful if or if? Of course not, since you will have to have clear a series of Best practices To achieve a strategy as perfect as possible and to achieve good results.

In the previous article I wrote a guide with the Main elements to know about Instagram advertising, and as promised, today I will talk about tricks or tips to conquer the users of this Social network through advertising creativity. Open your eyes well, we start!

Recommendations for Instagram ads:

1. Focus on a target

Before you start your campaign you have to ask yourself a key question what is my goal? what do I want to achieve with these ads? Depending on your goal, your strategy on the platform will be one way or another. The advantage of making announcements is that you can get specific and measurable results. Need downloads from your app? Or do you want to register to the Newsletter of your Blog? Select only one and go for it think about it and then act!

2. Select your target well

Once you are clear about your goal, the next step is to think who do I Want to Get to? what kind of audience is likely to be a customer of my business? To do this, you must be very clear who your Buyer Person, because this is the only way to achieve optimal results. The good news is that Instagram ads allow you to do a very detailed segmentation (Like on Facebook), which is perfect because you can sharpen and avoid impacting an audience too generalist and reach not only your followers as well.


Segment your target audience carefully.

3. Directs the user to the right place 

If you have put all the efforts to select a target, segment the audience and think about the creativity, be sure to direct the users to the right place, that is, a page that makes sense and what is well worked. Do not take the user to a Home page that has no call to action and that can mislead the customer, for example. Our recommendation is that the ad link with a Landing page Where it is clear that action you want to do, either enter an email or buy a product.

4. Be authentic and consistent

Keep in mind that your competitors are also advertising and you have to win the competition. How are you going to differentiate? You have to impregnate your brand philosophy and your personal stamp on the creatives. Show you as a unique and personal brand and provide added value. Investigate what is doing your competition and look for what makes you different from them. Create a consistent message that defines you and that users recognize the second that is yours.

Try also to match the style you are using for your organic content on the platform. Finally, be authentic! and avoids being overly commercial. Remember that Instagram emerged as a social network of photos without advertising tone.

5. Create Quality content

The potential of Instagram is the image. The phrase “an image is worth a thousand words” could be the slogan of this Social network. It is therefore essential that you offer quality content. Create solid concepts linked to your campaign’s goal.

  • Create a campaign message: Having a key idea is essential. He uses Visual Storytelling, tells stories through the power of images. Try not to resort to elements that are too conceptual or abstract. Users empathize more with images of people or products.
  • Frequencies: Controls frequencies, better quality than quantity. If your ad appears thousands of times in the user’s feed you can generate rejection of your brand. Try to look like native content on the platform and see the brand as part of the community.
  • Style Line: keep the same line in all campaigns. Includes connection elements in your pictures and videos (color palette, composition style, graphic design).
  • Good design: Build well-designed ads that reflect quality. They don’t need to have a super expensive production, but if they have to inspire people with an interesting and artistic style.
  • Photographic and Video techniques: It uses image techniques to construct the advertisement (rule of the thirds, symmetry, structures that work, games of lights, resolution, details). As for the video, try to have value for yourself without the audio. The videos are activated without audio, and it is the user who decides whether to put it or not. Keep that in mind! It also tries that in the first few seconds there is movement to cause more impression on the users and that they do not believe that it is a static image.
  • Texts: Look for them to be short and fresh. It incorporates hashtags that are relevant, but not too many. In the ads you can not include more than 3 relevant hashtags. On the other hand, the text should accompany the photo in tone and intent.

6. Enhances creativity

It brings its own style, it exploits all The possibilities offered by the tool and its formats. For example, in the carousel format You can add up to 4 photographs in the same sponsored post. Have you ever thought about Create a little comic book in 4 parts? Don’t worry, I’ll give you the idea;).

Try to portray your target audience in the photos so that they feel identified with your message or generate intrigue and expectation so that they have a reason to click. In short, it creates “fall in love” content that users want to see beyond the classic or standard Think outside the box!

Anuncios en Instagram

Enhance creativity, go beyond: Think outside the box.

7. Work with Influencers

Currently the Marketing of Influencers is in trend and Instagram is the Social network par excellence of the influencers. Look for #Igers that match your philosophy and your brand and are willing to represent your business or your products. It can be a good claim to have them as an image of your campaigns and maybe the potential users are not so intrusive to see their favorite “celebrity” among the native post.

8. Analyze

Finally, test what you do and what the competition is doing. Try different types of ads (formats, creativities, copys) and check which ones have the best results. At the same time, you can examine your organic post and see what kind of content they receive more likes, comments, etc; Poténcialos and follow that path when creating the ads.

Here are the tips on Instagram ads! Can you think of any more? Do not hesitate to comment and give us your feedback, and if you have been useful and you liked the article, share it. I hope to you in the next post readers!

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