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Verónica Claver

SOCIAL ADS · 03 / 06 / 2019

Sure you know the platform Facebook Business Manager, but are you sure you know how to get the most out of it? In this post we present some of the main advantages of this Facebook tool.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook launched on 2014 its platform Facebook Business Manager, also known as the commercial administrator of Facebook, a tool that was created with the objective of centralising the administration and management of different profiles of Fan Page and advertising accounts of Facebook.

Since then he has become a great ally for professionals who work with Facebook Ads, but especially for companies and digital marketing agencies. The administration work of several advertising accounts may have difficulties, especially when there are several people who must have access to these accounts and with different roles. The Business Manager platform is presented as a great solution to this type of procedures, facilitating agencies and companies to determine permits and accesses.

From the Facebook Business Manager not only can manage profiles and permissions, and this platform allows us to work in a centralized way with audiences, pixels and product catalogs of different advertising accounts.

business manager de facebook

Knowing your potential and management can help improve the work and be much more agile and efficient in managing Facebook ads campaigns.

But, Does Facebook Business Manager fall in love with everyone?

Although we have more than 4 years with it, this tool Facebook does not fall in love with everyone, many are the detractors who see in it a platform difficult to manage. It is true that at the beginning can be somewhat more complex, because it requires a previous learning of it to be able to get the maximum performance to all its functions.

But once you know it becomes your main tool of control and management, being the place where it centralizes everything related to the campaigns of Facebook ads.

One of its key aspects is the transparency it can provide for the rest of the team. The tool facilitates the work between different members of the team, as well as the consultation of reports, changes and results of the campaigns.

How to get the most out of your Facebook Business Manager

We have already told you what are some of the advantages of this platform, but let’s take a closer look at some of the more powerful features. From the top menu we can access the different work areas of the tool.

business manager de facebook

To plan

Many are unaware of the public statistics tool (Audience Insights) from where we can meet the potential audience of our campaigns. This tool gives us information about the people who are connected to our fan page and the people on Facebook, from this information we can elaborate the content of our campaigns to capture their attention.

Knowing demographics, knowing the tastes and interests, even knowing about their lifestyle, is a help in planning, profiling and defining the target we are addressing.

Another area within the Business Manager is Creative Hub, a tool with a lot of potential to now working as a team, is a collaborative space. With the possibility to create projects where several people can work in an ad model. We recommend the inspiration part where you can find examples of different ad formats from Facebook ads.

Create and manage

In this part of the platform it is very important to distinguish between what Facebook calls commercial administrator of the Ad Manager. Let’s see what the functions of these two tools are.

The Business Manager of business manager of Facebook is the panel where we will find all the advertising accounts and fan pages to which we have access. In the case of digital marketing agencies they have the possibility to manage this among the members of their team, so that each of the people of the team has access only to the projects with what they work and with the role that is determined.  

In the case of the customer only have to manage a single access to the agency with the role of partners, instead of giving individual access to all members of the team with what will work.

When we talk about the Ad Manager, we leave aside the accesses to enter the platform to a more operational level. It is within this tool where we will be able to see the campaigns, ad sets and advertisements, as well as assemble new ones and make changes in existing ones. So it becomes the essential part of our work within Facebook’s Business Manager.

business manager de facebook

In this section also highlight the part of Automatic rules, although there is much to go in this direction within the platform (sometimes can give some error) if it can help us determine some changes that we want to program within our campaigns.

Measure and report

It is in this part where we have the opportunity to measure the performance of our campaigns through Advertising reports.Within this section we can configure reports with the main metrics we need to track the status and evolution of our campaigns.

The tool has enough potential if we know how to get the most out of it. Think about the different levels and metrics that can bring us more, it is not to make a single report with all the data that little can help us, if it is not to see what are the objectives of the different campaigns and which are the metrics that can help us Know the status and evolution of the same.

Not only can we create reports at the campaign level, but we can work on more specific levels such as AD set level, advertisement or even target.

The possibility to save these reports on the platform helps us to be quicker and more concise when it comes to detecting changes and improvements, and it also allows us to program the automatic sending by email.

Highlight within this part the tool of Facebook AnalyticsWhere we will find data that can help us when analyzing the activity of our Facebook Pixel or Facebook pages.

To know the new users, to work with the creation of a funnel that helps us to understand the behavior of the users, to know the actions/events that are realized, to know the people to be able to segment better our campaigns… It is part of the information that we can extract from this section of the Facebook Business manager.

business manager de facebook

From the Event Manager We will be able to manage our Facebook Pixel.  From this section we can begin to configure the Facebook events that will allow us to measure the conversions of our campaigns. But we can also configure what Facebook calls “custom Conversions” based on the traffic information of our website that arrives from our pixel. If you want to know more information about the Pixel of Facebook we tell you here.


The assets part of our Ad Manager gives us the ability to manage various areas that will be key to our work on the platform.

The management of Public and audiences It gives us the ability to create remarketing lists of users who have visited our website, but also lists of similar users. We tell you how to get the most out of these Facebook audiences here.

Another of these assets are the Product catalogues,From where you can manage your product inventory. If your business is an ecommerce, you should know that this part is very important to get the most potential to Facebook and Instagram working with Dynamics ads campaign which aims to sell products in your catalog.

This part needs a more advanced configuration that will consist in the previous creation of a product catalog from the recovery of a product feed. In Digital Menta We like to have this section optimized to the maximum to get all the performance possible to the campaigns.

We recommend working with the configuration of product sets that allows us to group all our catalog in different groups following conditions that will facilitate the filtering of the products when we do our campaigns.

Before you go to the configuration section within the Ad Manager, it is important to mention the part of Business Locations From where we can create the offline locations of our business. This is very useful especially for businesses that have different shops or franchises.

Setting up Facebook Business Manager

Finally we will see the part of Configuration Within the administrator. From this area we will have the opportunity to manage our advertising account, Facebook page, payment method and notifications.

Here it is important to distinguish between the configuration of a particular account of a client (this will depend on the roles/permissions that we have granted) and the configuration of the business where we put ourselves above and manage the configuration of all that there is Within our Business Manager. It can be somewhat complex to understand, but as any platform is based on experience and management within it.

It’s worth working with Facebook Business Manager!

Knowing all the aspects and possibilities of the Business Manager platform is essential to be able to get the most out of the best results of your campaigns.

From Digital Menta We declare #fans of the platform of Facebook Business Manager, we work on a daily basis with it, trying to make the most of its functionalities. For us as an agency is a tool that allows us to maximize our work, reducing operational times of assembly and changes in the campaigns, to devote that time to the analysis and optimization of these campaigns.

Are you sure to get the most out of Business Manager on Facebook? From Digital Menta We can help you get the most out of your Facebook Ads campaigns.


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