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SOCIAL ADS · 29 / 11 / 2016

Facebook watching! As you know, in Digital Menta We love to try all the “toys” that advertising platforms are launching over time. We like to be the last and that’s why we tend to be the first to know about these novelties. We recently discovered Facebook Campaign Planner, a Facebook tool that allows you to plan Facebook campaigns Before launching them.

We read on an international Online advertising blog that Facebook had launched this tool and we lacked time to run to try and tell our experience.

So if you stay with us, you can find out how we were and how to use the tool.

What is Facebook Campaign Planner?

As we have said, it is a tool that allows advertisers to plan branding campaigns on Facebook. Planning campaigns on Facebook? What are you talking about? Ok. I’ll explain myself better.

Do you know when you should make a proposal or a Media Plan for one of your clients? We do and, it is an exercise that makes you squeeze the coconut quite a lot and of which, generally, very approximate and estimated data are obtained. You have to warn the customer that it is an estimate and that the results of the campaigns may differ from the proposal, because we can only obtain cost data or impressions based on the historical customers of the industry.

Well, thanks to Facebook campaign Planner, you will be able to plan Facebook campaigns getting data directly from the advertising platform and that, therefore, will be much closer to reality. In addition, the firm Facebook and that will give them more credibility and seriousness in the face of the read the data.

For now, it’s only available for branding campaigns, so the data we can get is range and frequency estimates.

In addition, it will allow you to compare different strategies; That is to say, you will be able to obtain estimations of range and frequency for different groups of segments and budgets. That is, if you doubt between different strategies, the Facebook campaign planner will allow you to decide and will give you data so you can base your decision.

How can Facebook Campaign Planner help me?

Facebook campaign Planner basically has three features to make your life easier when planning campaigns on Facebook.

  1. Predict range and frequency of your campaigns based on indicators such as the available budget, locations and targets you select. Give him those three facts and Facebook will give you his estimates ????
  2. Create and compare versions of the same plan, to see how they will impact the scope and frequency of your campaign changes in the budget and the audience. If you’re not sure how much you should invest in the different targets or just don’t want to base it on a hunch, ask Facebook Campaign Planner.
  3. Easily share plans via e-mail, link or CSV file. So you can share the results of the plan with your team A with your client.

I want to prove it, where do I find it?

Go to the ad Manager of your advertising account > In the drop-down menu at the top left, look for the “Plan” section and select > “campaign Planner”, as shown in the following image:

Planning campaigns in Facebook Planner

Planning campaigns in Facebook Planner

Let’s try to create a Plan

We have done a test with the advertising account of Digital Menta . In the next screenshot you can see the different elements of the plan and the estimates that the tool gives us:

Planning campaigns on Facebook-Campaign Planner

Planning campaigns on Facebook – Campaign Planner

  1. Indicate your budget
  2. Set the duration of the campaign
  3. Indicates the frequency of ad delivery per desired user: How many times every day do you want each user to see your ads
  4. What is your target audience? Tell Facebook which users you want to show your ads
  5. Select which locations you want your ads to be displayed in

As you can see, it gives us an estimate of the scope we could get for this audience, with the frequency of ads selected and for a given budget. In addition, it also gives us the CPM metric and, as you can see in the upper right corner, tells us if the public is apt or not (state). In this case appears in green but, if the public was not big enough, we would appear an alert to Ampliásemos.

What if we try a different audience?

We have made the test by modifying only the interests of the public, leaving the other indicators the same. As you will see in the screenshot, we have seen that for this other selected audience, the previous budget of $2000 is too low, we ask for a budget of at least $3870 and, in addition, the estimated CPM is $6, three times more than the previous plan .

Facebook Campaign Planner

Facebook Campaign Planner


When you have created the plan and the different versions of it, it is time to share it with whomever you want. Click “Share”, in the upper right corner and you can get a link to send who you want. You can also select which metrics you want to share with them.

Plan campaigns on Facebook

Plan campaigns on Facebook

Our feelings

The experience has been positive. We see that the tool is very useful, not only to obtain estimates for the client but, above all, to test different publics with different budgets and to make the decision of which we will impact with informed data.

We like the Facebook campaign planner! But, as is logical and given the nature of Our SEM Agency, we look forward to launching the version for performance campaigns as soon as possible.

And you, did you know this tool? Have you tried it yet? As always, we hope you will tell us your experience. We read!  ????

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