Facebook campaigns: Things to do and Things not to do

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Verónica Claver

SOCIAL ADS · 11 / 06 / 2020

This is not the first or the last time I’m talking to you about the wonderful Facebook advertising platform. Although the usability of both the interface and its Ad Manager has been advancing and gaining functionality, it is still light years away from the Google Ads interface. In Digital Menta we are more than satisfied with our campaigns on Facebook and with the infinite possibilities that this Network offers us, especially at the level of segmentation, creativity and formats.

So, taking time to successfully implement campaigns on Facebook has given us the experience and confidence to present you a post in which we tell you Best Practices and help you avoid common mistakes when structuring and creating campaigns and ads on Facebook. Are you ready?

Campañas en Facebook Ads

First of all, the highest level at the hierarchical level: the campaign. Campaigns on Facebook are defined by objectives: Conversions, Website Clicks, Video Views, etc. in order that the ads are optimized to achieve the objective we are looking for.

Opciones de objetivos para las campañas de Facebook
Elige entre diferentes opciones de objetivos para tus Campañas en Facebook

Therefore, it is very important that we have one thing clear before we start: what are our Marketing objectives, that is, what we want to achieve with each of our Facebook campaigns.

Maybe when we propose our strategy within the Facebook Ads platform we are looking for different objectives, this is something normal and common, since we may be looking to perform Branding of our brand, attract quality traffic to our website or get certain Conversions whether sales or leads. For each of these objectives we must know what kind of campaigns will help us achieve it.

This will help us define an objective for the campaign in a simple way. We must be aware that, no matter how well segmented our Facebook audience is and although we have designed super effective ads, a bad definition of the objective of our campaign can be chaos.

Let’s also think about what audience we are addressing, is it prospecting where we are targeting an audience that knows us? Or, on the contrary, is it a remarketing audience that already knows us and has visited our website?

Let’s not forget to separate apples from pears!: A campaign for each objective.

Tip: Separate your Prospection campaigns from your Remarketing campaigns, this will help you in addition to working better the strategy to be able to personalize the message, in addition to being able to analyze and optimize the performance of campaigns based on whether that user already knows us or he has bought from us or is the first time he knows about us.

Ad Set in Facebook Ads

The next level after the campaign is the Ad Set. As you know, it is the part that requires the most configuration, where we can define the most important part of the campaign: The Target Audience.

«I only have one AdSet within each campaign» – Wrong! AdSets allow you to test between different audiences. How else could you know if your ads are more striking for Ladies of 50 years old interested in jewelry and brandy? Exactly! Segment, segment and continue segmenting. The possibilities are almost endless. As we have told you on other occasions, on Facebook you can define a wide variety of profiles based on different factors and possibilities offered by the platform. If you want to know how to have your audiences and audiences ready, you can read more here.

Tip: Create an AdSet oriented to your Fans. Organic posts on Facebook have a reach with a lower and lower percentage, sometimes around 3%. Therefore, it is recommended that you try adding an AdSet aimed at your fans, especially if in your ads you talk about special promotions or news. The fact that they are your Fans does not guarantee that they can see all your publications.

And, of course, exclude your fans from the rest of AdSets ????

Ads on Facebook Ads

This is where it’s time to get creative. Take note, this is important:

  •  Use a striking title: something that hooks and leaves the user wanting to know more
  • Do not exceed the description because very few people will stop to read it if it is too long. We recommend you synthesize what you want to tell in a short sentence.
  • If you are going to use an image, do not forget the 80-20 norm, relation image and text. Putting a lot of text in your images will make the platform penalize you with a much smaller range than expected.
  • If instead you want to promote a video, we recommend you upload the file directly to Facebook Ads, virtually all campaign targets allow you to use a video ad.
  • Use Call to Action buttons and try to make the ad have only one call to action: don’t confuse the user asking him to do two things.
  • Again, test. It is highly recommended to repeat with different copies and images to optimize your Facebook campaigns discovering winning ads.
  • Take advantage of the possibilities of the platform itself, Facebook Ads offers you many ad formats, test and test the different possibilities to know which of them can have better results.
  • You can target your ads in different languages, by this way you can create in the same ad the different language versions you want to work with, it will be the platform itself that shows the ad in the appropriate language according to the user interface settings.
  • Customize in each of your ads the different formats of the same according to the location where it is going to be displayed, remember that the dimensions in the Facebook or Instagram feed are not the same as if you decide to show your ads also in Stories. You can configure this from the ad itself without creating an ad for each of these locations.
  • Bonus Track: Take advantage of the description of the link as well as the visible URL. These two spaces are not usually used but are available for you to use. Add a promotion, take the opportunity to tell that shipments are free, etc.

We show you an ad that meets the above instructions:

Campaña en Facebook Anuncio fashiop
Full ad of one of our Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Ads Pixel: Measure your Facebook campaigns

Have you not installed the Facebook pixels on your Website? It’s an error! You should know that through the Facebook Pixel you can track at the level of conversions and users who visit your website thanks to Custom Audiences through Remarketing lists.

Why do we attach so much importance to having the Facebook Pixel installed? How do you improve the performance of your Campaigns on Facebook? The answer is simple: Measure and Customize.

Facebook pixel allows us to know the results that our campaigns are having at the level of conversions (payments, registrations, etc.) which facilitates us to calculate the return of our investment in campaigns on Facebook. The Facebook pixel itself gives us the option of being able to configure different conversion events to which we can target our campaigns.

Eventos del píxel de Facebook
Example of one of Facebook’s Pixel Events.

On the other hand, with the pixel we can create Custom Audiences based on users who have visited our website or performed a certain action within the web, so we can customize the message of our ads to users who have visited our website based on his behavior.

And this is not all, there is still much to talk about and countless tricks to share, so stay tuned to the Digital Menta Blog where we will keep you up to date with any news.

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