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SOCIAL ADS · 31 / 10 / 2017

The segmentation chosen is a crucial part of the success of a Facebook Campaign, at the same time as the product, the message and the creatives.

Currently Facebook proposes you three ways to have your own personalized audience with your custom hearings.


Among the custom audience options is the option to upload your own client file. This allows you to optimize your campaigns and get better results. Simply create a list of email addresses or phone numbers from customer data, save it in CSV or TXT format and in the Ad Manager in the Public tab-> Create public-> Custom public-> customer list , upload your file or drop it and it will be ready in 30 minutes.


Custom Audiences Facebook

If this does not reach 1000 prints You should consider these recommendations:

  • Bid FOR CPM to show your ads to the public you want to arrive.
  • A slightly higher bid can be very efficient to reach your audience, so it raises the maximum bid of CPM.
  • A different content in the ads allows you to cover a larger audience and determine which works best.
  • Keep your list up to date as customers grow.
  • The option of a similar audience will allow you to reach those people with similar characteristics to those of your audience.


They are created from a type audience that you pre-determine, creating a similar audience, which will allow your ads to reach more people. It is an advanced option that goes beyond the basic functionality of interest and demographics.

Facebook will look for patterns and features that your users have in common as age, gender or interests and create a new much broader list.


Custom Audiences Facebook

It gives you the option to immediately expand your list and get to reach people who have a high probability of becoming a new Lead (new client), as your profile fits our source target.

You should keep in mind that your similar audience can only include people from the same country.

To create it you must go to public from the Ad Manager-> Create public-> similar public


One of the advantages of using similar audiences is the ability to scale your campaigns quickly and easily, because it allows you to create the audience based on a percentage sample of people in your country (from 1% to 10%), you can start with 1% , which is a very segmented audience and, as you reach a greater frequency of advertisements you can expand this audience in an escalating way, growing your audience dramatically.

We leave this link if you have any questions: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/lookalike-audiences


This is an audience created with all the people who visit your website for a certain time and days. They are people who already know the brand and are familiar with the product or service.

Be aware that in this audience anyone who has visited your website will enter: Those who have entered 30 times in 7 days as those who have only seen you once and gone without even taking a look.

Therefore, use this audience to remember your services or products, but do not advertise very direct, aggressive and intrusive to buy already.

To be able to start using it you must install a pixel on the Web page and choose a series of rules (there are standard rules and the pixel events), you can put as many rules as you like. Here you can find help installing the Facebook Pixel.

Start creating the audiences on your website to create custom audiences, it will be easy for you to get on Facebook to a large percentage of people who have visited your website and send you the right message.

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