Facebook Image Ads: 5 basic tips, and 5 original ideas to differentiate yourself

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SOCIAL ADS · 26 / 01 / 2017

Image ads on Facebook are the most important element of advertising on this network (or almost) and so we explain it to our customers, but they don’t always see it the same way. Questions like these arise very often:

“Do I have to renew them just because the repetition of impact to my audience already exceeds 4? But if you haven’t seen him so many times! “

“Come on, if three weeks ago I paid a designer to ride them, are you sure I need new banners every month?”

“Hey, and you who manage the publicity… you could not diseñármelos within the same quota?”

Our answer, almost always, goes by these lines:

«Facebook is like the playground of digital life recreation; People are there to entertain, have a good time and by the way gossip what others do.
And yes, it is very possible to work on performance and generate a good sales volume if we find a well-mature audience that needs what you offer, but still – without a bit of sparkle and sparkle, without going a little further with your messages and images , without keeping you fresh and finding new ways and times to capture your attention – they will follow your roll, which is why they have come out to play!»

That is why, dear advertisers, we ask for new Facebook Marketing So often and, although we can’t help you make them (unless you contract us for it), we can give you some advice.

Here’s our selection of 5 essential tips so you don’t forget the basics when you create a Facebook image ad and, later, another 5 for you to stand out above most.

5 basic keys to keep in mind when you create an image ad for Facebook:

Includes all the basics for a Facebook image ad.

Example of image ad for Facebook with all the basics.

  1. Make sure they know who’s talking to them, even if it’s the last thing you do!
    That is, it includes your logo – no, the photo of your profile with which the ad comes out is not enough.
  2. Tell the users what to do, that they are not (always) on Facebook to think a lot.
    So, indicate the desired action to your audience and please try not to always “buy NOW!”
  3. Keep in mind the technical restrictions, being the most important: never exceed 20% of the surface of your image in text. This link It will help you never have this problem. 
  4. Since you have little space for the text, make sure you use it with the maximum impact!
    Talk about the most important thing, according to us: Highlight your added value, create an experience, and tell them what you can gain if they ‘ get distracted ‘. With these ingredients you maximize the effectiveness of the ad.
  5. And finally, adapt your message to your target audience!
    Facebook allows us to address very specific groups of society with very particular interests and concerns, and that is precisely why this type of advertising can work but to give on the nail you have to address them as if you know them, and Changing the text of a static image is not so difficult…

All right, we’ve settled the bases, I hope these keys never forget them.

Now, before we go into the 5 tips to differentiate, an explanation of why they are needed.

Facebook is the new great provider of digital advertising for offer-based strategies (compared to SEM, which is demand-based advertising) and as such is becoming one of the most important axes of action for any advertiser who works Cpc.

To be successful you have to work the segments to find new audiences (or Buyer people), the messages that accompany the ad (here we explain How to put emojis on Facebook), and above all, the image that captures attention in that first moment.

5 more tips to highlight with your Facebook image ads

Differentiate with your Facebook image ad.

So it stands out with image ad for Facebook.

But how do we get it if everyone has the same goal? Here are 5 tips to differentiate yourself from all others:

  1. Don’t have any more photos of the product? Don’t worry, there are more options.
    You can always use photos of people using the product or the result offered by your service – this is a great option if you want to distinguish through the experience you offer to your customers. This helps your audience to connect emotionally with your brand.
  2. Use Facebook to highlight your best promotions: Unlike other types of advertising, on Facebook you are talking to people who have not asked (explicitly, because if you give like everything…? ) See your ad, so you can soften it up with a good deal.
  3. Use all the options at your disposal, like using more than one image in a creative way. With Carousel ads You can teach multiple images of various products, but you can also tell a story, or make a landscape effect… differentiate and capture your retinas!
  4. Local Ad campaign: If your audience is wide and your geographic distribution also has a resource at your disposal to gain relevance in the eyes of users – segment your subsets by region and head to each of them in a differentiated way through the AD, you’ll see how well it works!
  5. The trick of “confusing the View”: do you know when you’ve seen something known but just after seeing it you have to go back to corroborate? That’s the idea.
    Look for relevant images with your niche and goal that make the ad look familiar but at the same time have something different and unusual for the person to have to look again.

So, you see, it is not easy to make a good announcement to highlight but… yes, it is possible!

We hope that these 10 tips on Facebook image ads will help you be more efficient in creating effective announcements for campaigns to consistently give you.

Do not hesitate to share this post and if you happen to own ideas because, as if it were Facebook, you have the comments at your disposal!

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