How to start a Twitter Ads strategy

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Laura Gimenez

SOCIAL ADS · 05 / 09 / 2017

Are you thinking of starting to advertise on Twitter for yourself or for your client? In this post we will review the first steps to start with a Twitter Adsstrategy. You will find the typical questions that your client can ask you or those that will appear to you at the beginning of using this new tool.

Campaigns and segmentation Strategy

Since Twitter is more than a recognition game, we have to make sure that we are managing our customers ‘ performance expectations. That said, the best way to get immersed in Twitter is to start with the Remarketing. This will ensure that you announce yourself to a much more qualified audience and you will have more chances to get any metric that you raise, such as clicks or conversions. You will be able to segment visitors from a particular website or you can also upload an email list through custom publics.

What are custom the audiences?

The Custom audiences They are a way of guiding your existing users and customers to create highly relevant campaigns. There are three main types of audiences adapted:

  • The first is custom hearings from lists. These are public created by loading your own list of email addresses, mobile phone numbers, Twitter IDS (user ID or user name) or advertising ID for mobile devices. You can do this through Twitter ads yourself or there is the option to use the Twitter API to create lists.
  • The second is the personalized audience from the Web. These are the visitors to your website. You can collect these data using the Twitter label available through Twitter ads, or there is the option to use Twitter partners.
  • The third is the personalized public of mobile applications. These are the users of your mobile application and are compiled with conversions tracking for mobile applications.

Once you have your remarketing campaigns running, you can advance in prospecting, so there are many options available for audiences. The easiest thing to get started is to choose an interest that is very related to your business. You can also address the followers of a particular person or company, including your own. You just need to launch and try different audiences until you find out what works best for your business or customer. Dive in this article if you want to know all the options:

Twitter custom hearings


The budget will vary greatly depending on how much you can spend and what your degree of risk aversion is. Normally we would recommend to allocate 10% of YOUR PPC budget to test, so it depends on what other initiatives you are carrying out to distribute that percentage.

At first we usually start with a 50/50 between remarketing and prospecting. This is orientative and as you progress you will be able to adjust it better to your needs. Keep in mind that on Twitter you work with daily budgets, so divide your monthly budget as appropriate.

For The bidding strategy, start with automatic bids until you have enough data to be able to give you the maximum available.

Best practices

  • It covers the basic concepts. Selects the location, language, and optional device orientation options before selecting additional orientation criteria.
  • Select a type of audience orientation for each campaign. Choose from followers, keywords, behaviors, interests, or custom segmentations to get meaningful information about your campaign.
  • Experiment. Try different orientation approaches to understand which audience is best suited and which messages stand out with different groups. It may surprise you what becomes more effective.


There Is No ideal type of AD to launch, it all depends on what you see that is working for your company. The best thing you can do is to create two or three different types and see which one has a better performance. We recommend doing this several times with different creatives, in order to have a complete view of what type of advertisement works with what creativity. Depending on the budget you can try a few audiences a week and if they do not work try another one week too. You’re going to see what works best for you.

The types of Creatives that you have on Twitter are: Single image tweet, Web site card, plain text tweet, multiple images, video, GIFs and some more.

2. Website cards

Tracking Code

Twitter uses a universal tracking code that only needs to be placed once. After you have placed the code, you can create different remarketing hearings and conversion actions in the Twitter interface based ON the URL of the website.

In conclusion, we encourage you to try to advertise on Twitter and you launch with all available formats and creativity. Take a little more risk experiment and tell us which has worked best for you!

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