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SOCIAL ADS · 06 / 12 / 2016

«Do not miss this opportunity!», «Discover here..», «Only now with a 10% discount». – Really? Can’t you think of something more original? – The truth? No.

Online advertising needs fresh minds, creative and with ideas, in addition to the technical features that we discussed earlier that ideally must meet a Account Manager. But, let’s face it, we’d all like to have a creative copy was sitting down to our side that made us see the light in those moments when you do not get a phrase that does not seem taken from the most scurfy telestore. This is why our Facebook ads, as far as the text is concerned, do not always make us feel satisfied at all.

Let’s give you some tips so you can improve your Facebook campaigns. Small details that will make the difference between a mediocre ad and “super cool” one. Because, let’s not be deceived too quickly, the Facebook user needs us to call his attention among so many stimuli he receives simultaneously. We must improve our Facebook ads starting with the copy and that is what we are going to try to help in this post.

Tips to improve your Facebook ads

  1. Be faithful to the Editorial Line of your Brand: important to always speak with the same tone. If you decide to talk with a formal tone, always talk in that way, but do not mix up🙂 If you decide to have a serious tone, always be serious but if you want to give the kind impression, you can not change your tone overnight. It is important to define the personality of the brand and always be faithful to it.
  2. Speak to each person in your language: Basic! Before writing the copy you must be clear to who you are heading. You cannot speak the same way to a person of 52 as to a 16. It is important, therefore, to separate the items by age groups, so that you can group ads with personalised messages according to the age of the user.  This will help you to improve your Facebook ads noticeably, as the user will feel more identified with the ad so your chances of success increase.
  3. DON’T SHOUT AT ME I CAN’T HEAR YOU» – Watch out for capital letters. One of the keys to improve your ads on Facebook is to have a lot of attention with the use you make of capital letters. It’s okay to capitalize the most important words, make your copy much easier to read. However, uppercase phrases give the feeling of yelling and you can be aggressive to the user and your ad can backfire. You will be investing in that users, instead of loving your brand, take a bit of mania. Look at the following example:
    Improve your Facebook ads

    You SHOULDN’T write a Facebook copy like this

  4. Doesn’t it scare you? As we say, this is how you should NOT write a Facebook ad.
  5. Hashtags and mentions: Create your own hashtags or use those that are popular to make you easier to find, group publications and increase the scope of your publications.
  6. Use “intros” to separate lines, make your ad much more readable and you can also separate different concepts. But watch out! Do not enter more than three intros and preview the announcement before posting because, if you exceed the allowed lines, Facebook will impose the dreaded label “see more”, cutting, merciless, half sentences. Improve your ads on Facebook allowing the user to read more easily and fluently.
  7. Sometimes a call-to-action too direct (as buy now) may not be the best option because the lack of surprise causes lack of attention and does not create engagement of the user with your brand. Avoid too-conventional calls (“learn more”, “Read more”…) when it makes sense.
  8. The Emojis are welcome. Judge them by yourselves, which of these two ads is more attractive and able to draw your attention?
    Improve your ads on Facebook

    Ad without Emoji

    Improve your ads on Facebook

    Ad with Emojis

    You’re clear on that, aren’t you? 😉 Long Live the emoji!

How to put emojis on Facebook

In Digital Menta, we have been testing with the emojis for a while to improve our Facebook ads and we are very satisfied with the results. We recommend that you take some time to select the one that best fits the text and that you do not pass the line, less is more!

By the way, we get them from Get Emoji, you just have to copy and paste the one you like.

Have you tried any of these strategies with your ads? Do you have more recommendations for improving ads on Facebook? These tips are based on what has worked for us, they are not universal truths but they do come close enough to reality.

But, as always, every customer, every brand, is a different world so, from the experience and management of their accounts and the knowledge of the brand, you will be able to draw conclusions and decide how to apply each one of our recommendations.

We hope that they will be useful for you and, as always, it is time for you tell us your experiences. We can also learn from them! Tell us yours 😉

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