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SOCIAL ADS · 22 / 11 / 2016

Today we are going to talk about a leader in the digital marketing industry, Kenshoo, which is an automation, prediction and integration software to improve the performance of online advertising investment and is chosen by many industry experts. Kenshoo customers include Barnes & Noble, John Lewis, Kayak, Facebook, Tesco, Zappos and many others, and now to us!

We started working with the tool 3 months ago and it was love at first sight ????. Kenshoo is constantly innovating to go ahead of the competition. As a platform, it has greatly improved the productivity of our team, which works strategically and can concentrate on those elements of campaign management that can really grow the business of our customers. Most importantly, we have helped our customers maximize their performance and improve the ROAS of their Adwords campaigns through Kenshoo’s bid automation algorithms and predictive modeling.

The tool is not easy and it takes time to learn how to use it well, as well as several training sessions with Kesnhoo’s Account managers. But, for large accounts with multiple channels of online advertising and with different objectives, are increased ROAS or generation of Brand Awareness, the platform makes the daily management of Adwords more efficient and fast and delivers the desired results.

In our following articles we will present a small tutorial of Kenshoo to acquire the basic knowledge about the capacities of the tool and about its operation.

Kenshoo Tutorial and its features

We start with the features that have seemed most interesting of the tool: the portfolios for automatic bidding optimization, the reflection of campaigns to other channels and the various reports that we have available on the platform.

Kenshoo Portfolio Set Up and optimization

A portfolio can be a full Kenshoo profile or a subset of campaigns within a profile. This group of campaigns generally shares common performance objectives.

Depending on the size of the account, there are different options for optimizing the portfolios. A first option, which only requires a portfolio conversion in the last 7 days, is to use the keyword bid optimization rules or product groups. A very interesting option is that you can manage campaigns through multiple channels within the same portfolio: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.



There are several goals that can be used within these rules:

  • ROI Target or Minimum ROI
  • CPA
  • Position
  • CTR
  • Increase revenue
  • Branding

Note: Attention with THE target ROI rules AND minimum ROI. The first option is much more aggressive and will bring down traffic and conversions to quickly reach the minimum configured ROI.

A second more advanced option is the KPO (Kenshoo portfolio optimization). The KPO has a more complex logic and needs enough data to be able to act on the portfolios and create the statistical and predictive model to optimize the bidding and maximize the revenue, the conversions or any other objective. The KPO needs a minimum of 10 conversions a day for the last 90 days of a portfolio to be able to function. The KPO works using the Marginal ROIdata, which you can read more about here.

Campaign Mirroring

Apart from a powerful algorithm in determining where the next euro should be spent to increase the revenues of a digital marketing account, Kenshoo has many other interesting features.

Kenshoo Campaign Mirroring offers the opportunity to create the structure of your account only once and then take it to multiple channels and additional profiles (for example, from Google to Bing). In addition, if you choose the ‘copy and keep synchronized‘ option The changes that are made to the original campaigns at different levels that can be selected (group, ad or keywords) will be reflected in the campaigns copied on the other channels.

Kenshoo reporting

Kenshoo offers professional and powerful reports that can be easily configured to include the necessary data and to be able to demonstrate the value and results that the tool is delivering.



These are reports that accelerate the management and optimization of accounts, for example: keyword Cannibalization report, which identifies the keywords competing for the same search terms and ultimately increases the costs of Advertising, or the Attribution Model report, which allows to view and compare data using different attribution models.

And many other features that we will comment on other posts. We are still at the beginning of a long journey with Kenshoo to optimize our customers’ accounts, but we are very excited about the tool and ready to learn everything and much more!

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