If you don’t use Linkedin to do business you’re already late!

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SOCIAL ADS · 19 / 10 / 2015

How is it possible that not all professionals have an updated profile on Linkedin? This question I do it every time I want to find a person in the professional environment Linkedin, well to look for new talents to Digital Menta or to contact responsible marketing or sales with whom to talk to find new job opportunities. So today I am going to talk about those essential aspects that we have to take into account in this Social network. Start using Linkedin to do business!

Linkedin is our professional window; Take care of your personal and/or business image

Linkedin profiles are our personal brand. If you do not care, on a personal level or professional level, it will cost a lot that you can contact for a job you apply or that any company contact another to do business.

I have seen many profiles of companies with a creepy carelessness, something that makes these companies look like something archaic and careless of how to present the world. The first image is what counts, and Linkedin is more and more used to have this first impression.

I will now focus on 6 essential aspects for doing business on Linkedin, mainly for companies, but also applicable to people looking for work or to offer services. You can also analyze the Official Linkedin Guide to build a business profile.

Linkedin to do business

Infografia: How to use Linkedin for companies

1. Complete your profile

The first step is to have a good profile updated and completing all the sections that Linkedin offers. Obviously a company profile is something alive and you can not pretend to devote a moment and let it rot during the time, but first is the first thing, so we complete the business profile with affection, care and attention.

2. Includes logo in an acceptable resolution

The logo of our company is like our photo; It’s not worth putting any. The logo with good resolution, and a size adapted to the profile of LinkedIn will make people find your company more attractive.

3. Add an original cover of your company

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the cover image of the company has to represent and show something more of the company.

Do not put a generic photo or do not contribute anything new. A photo with the name of the company, could complement perfectly with the company logo.

Also a photo of the offices or a photo of the team, which can show something closer to the company as in the end the companies are people who deal with people.

Linkedin's good profile for doing business

Linkedin’s profile

4. Contact people, get new ambassadors

The most appropriate way to see a company on Linkedin is to connect with people from the industry and other companies in the sector. This will allow us to get acquainted and to be seen as experts in the industry, which can generate new businesses.

5. Write, move your Linkedin profile to do business

As I said at the beginning, having a profile without movement is a bit useless. The object of social networks is to share information, own or external, events and news with people who may be interested in it.

In addition Linkedin makes available to the company pages an analytical tool that gives us information about the interactions of each of our shared articles, so we will know what is the most impact within our audience and so Share and generate content in line with your interests.

If we have correctly defined our company’s audience on Linkedin, we write and share information in a manner commensurate with their tastes/needs, we will generate more and more value to that audience and we’ll move on to generate new business.

They will see us as experts and that will make in the case that they have needs of our services they trust us rather than in companies that they do not know.

6. Advertising on Linkedin

The Advertising on Linkedin It is still a field to explore for many companies. This advertising has a very interesting segmentation capability for business purposes.

It can be segmented basically by position and business function, by sector of the company, size of the company and old within the company.

In later posts we will talk about advertising on LinkedIn and focus on all your details doing even a tutorial on how to launch the first LinkedIn campaign.

Segmentation Options-Linkedin for doing business

Segmentation options for Linkedin

In short, Linkedin is a Social network with an incredible value to develop new businesses and that is still to be explored for many companies. I’m sure you can think of a lot more ideas to get the potential out of this tool. You can comentárnosla if you want in the comments of this post, we love to receive feedback. And as we said, we promise that in next post we will talk in detail about the publicity on Linkedin. See you in the next post!

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