Looking for your audience on Facebook Ads: we got it!

As we have already told you before, with advertising on Facebook there are (almost) infinite possibilities for To find and impact our target audience. As you will know, through the segmentation of the public on Facebook Ads, you can define the age, sex, location, marital status, employment and hobbies of the person you want to reach. So, if you define your target audience and assuming that the category is available on Facebook (not always), you can  Launch your ads with a high probability of giving on the nail.

It seems logical to think that if I dedicate myself to selling online lenses, I will have to direct my ads to an audience on Facebook Ads formed by people interested in "contact lenses", "Vision problems", "Acuvue" or "myopia", for example. Or that if I organize trips to Turkey, my target audience is everyone who has shown interest in "Turkey" and "tourism".

But is this enough?

Well, this may be true but it is not the absolute truth or the definitive solution to make Facebook Marketing. Think that not all people who use/need contact lenses have been told in one way or another to Facebook. In many cases, and especially when your audience can be so broad, you have to find it yourself.

We are accustomed to develop the segmentation of our campaigns by addressing an audience in Facebook Ads quite related to our product, as I have told you before that tells us the logic. This at first, and combined with other types of strategies, such as remarketing or Lookalike Audiences, can work. However, and from experience, there comes a time when this combination is no longer sufficient.

Recently, it happened to us with a client. As I said before, everything worked great, we were heading to a very specific Target and focused on the service we offered. However, the segmentation of this public on Facebook Ads was no longer enough.

Also, when it comes to optimizing, Facebook is not as wonderful as they promised. How do I know which category of interest is generated by conversions? Which are the ones that are consuming only budget, without results? Well, the truth is, for now, we can't know. It is only possible to know the performance by age groups, device or location (RHS, NewsFeed...), by action or by time (time of day, day of the week, etc.)

Breakdowns available in public on Facebook Ads

Breakdowns available on Facebook Ads

How to fix it?

We thought the best we could do was to define different "Buyer Person", not exclusive to a client, but to have a "library" with the different profiles that are happening to us to be able to use it in the accounts that need it.

In addition, in this way, if a AdSet is not working, because we can not know which is the cause of the problem, at least we can be clear that this combination does not work and move to another.

What accounts are ideal for using segmentation according to Buyer person?

All those customers who have a product that "anyone" might need. I mean, to sell hostings We are clear: we address people whose positions are "programmer", "Web Developer" or "CTO", for example. In this case it is easy to correct.

But, anyone may need a contact lens, a lawyer or a weekend getaway. Yes, you have to keep in mind that the buyer person cannot be used in "bulk" mode. I explain myself; If we have created a user profile interested in sport and physical exercise, but we are selling weekend trips for two, the appropriate thing is to deepen the segmentation and indicate the age or sentimental situation, for example.

Hands to work

Our advice is that, with the collaboration of the whole team (two heads think more than a B-)) elaboréis A library of Buyer people. Think of different profiles and the interests will leave you alone. Athletes, interested literature and cinema, cartoonists and designers, parents with relevant jobs, travelers... I'm sure you've already thought of possible combinations, haven't you?

How is it implemented?

My recommendation is to start little by little, although the way to start testing with more or less public will depend, as it is logical, on the customer's budget and objectives. If we go justito yesterday actually, better go to safety, but if we can afford to invest more and the CPL lens is not very tight let's play!

Therefore, we will choose the number of profiles that we start with as stated above. The idea would be to give them a budget and a bid below with which we work with items focused on remarketing or Lookalike audiences, because we don't know what can happen.

It is very important to follow up on what is happening and set a goal. For example, the maximum conversion cost we are willing to assume for each AdSet (or the cost without conversion).

 As we said before, on Facebook we can not know what interest is the one that is consuming more or which is what has become, we can not simply "remove the brush", so as soon as we see that a profile-Group is having a behavior that does not comply with our Objectives, we can pause it and try a different combination.

 Above all, we must be clear that each account and every product is world, so every buyer person or combination that we believe may result for an account but not for another. 

Bonus Track

Our team has been implementing this type of segmentation to impact our audience on Facebook Ads and we encourage you to go beyond!

We put an example on how to tune with the public on Facebook Ads based on Buyer person:

Imagine that your Target are girls with a medium-high purchasing level and the goal is to buy one of the bikinis in your collection. We propose that you create a AdSet to impact people with high positions (this is a Buyer person applicable to any advertiser) but combine it with interest "Bikini" and "swimsuits". In other words, you have to force Facebook to have your two publics on Facebook Ads (Buyer person – high fees and interested in Bikini or swimsuits) match.

Let's start the public party on Facebook Ads! 😉

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