New Facebook Blueprint: Enough Certification?

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SOCIAL ADS · 07 / 05 / 2015

If you have knowledge of Digital Marketing, and some experience using other platforms like AdWords, Manage campaigns on Facebook For the first time it will not be very complicated and you can possibly achieve acceptable results. On Facebook There are also concepts that will be familiar as the conversions, the Cost per Click and the Remarketing.

But this platform works in a different way and that’s why it’s interesting to form before launching in the dark. Facebook makes it easy with its Facebook Blueprinttraining platform. Do you want to learn how to make the most of the options offered by Facebook?In Digital Menta We continually want to get out of our comfort zone and learn about new tools in order to be more multidisciplinary every day. A few days ago we completed the formation of Facebook Blueprint, so in this article I will share my view on the platform.

What is Facebook Blueprint?

Facebook Blueprint is a free educational platform available to anyone, offering complete and accurate training on how to use Facebook in general and specific pages and ads. It is an easy-to-navigate platform that makes theoretical content, videos, success stories and best practices available to the user. It consists of 36 themes that you will complete in a few hours.

In addition, a last topic has recently been added on Instagram, the social network that Facebook acquired In the mid-2012.

How do I use Facebook Blueprint?

Before you start you should ask yourself what your training needs are. You can choose to do the courses that interest you the most: Related to branding or direct response Marketing, among others.

The other option is to let it be Facebook Blueprint who tells you the logical path you have to follow to complete all the available content. In this way you will be able to see the order of topics that you must complete at any time, the estimation of time necessary to dedicate to each one of them, as well as your general progress at the level of the course.

Facebook Blueprint Planning Your Path

Plan your tour with Facebook Blueprint

The structure of the courses is simple. Everyone has an introductory section detailing the content of the topic. In addition, the concepts exposed in each topic are explained in a clear way, using examples and dynamic graphics to facilitate comprehension.

Also, something very interesting is the formation of a la carte within some subjects. This is the case, for example, of the topic in which we talk about how to create a campaign. There is no need for you to read how each type of campaign is created, but you can choose the one or those that really interest you.

In order to establish knowledge and see if we have assimilated the information, at the end of the most theoretical or important issues of Facebook Blueprint we have a simple but key testto stay with the most important concepts of the topic.

When you finish all the topics that make up the course will generate an accreditation Diploma with your name.

Best of Facebook Blueprint

Overall, the experience of training with Facebook Blueprint has been positive. We highlight the fact that it provides useful, easy-to-understand, free and integrated training content on a platform that is quite easy to use.

But the most enriching part is the one in which the Success Stories Of other real companies that have achieved their business goals thanks to Facebook. You can filter success stories on the Facebook Blueprint Platform for business size, target, sector, product, and region. I encourage you to read them if you want to find insights or ideas from the business hand similar to yours.

 Success Stories Facebook Blueprint

Success Stories Facebook Blueprint

What do we miss on Facebook Blueprint?

The great absent on Facebook Blueprint is optimization. Yes, there is a training block related to this. However, the only tip it gives us is to make A/B Testing And it encourages us to try different variations of the ad. But we’re short of this. We would have been grateful for further deepening in this important aspect.

Finally, at the end of the course a diploma is generated with your name and the date of completion. We all agree that this course would be more useful if the diploma was a quality label, a certification with more value as is the case of Google AdWords certifications.

Is it enough with a Facebook Blueprint certification?

Does going over the 36 issues give you enough capacity to manage effective campaigns? Of course not. It’s just the first step. The ideal is to reconcile the theoretical training with some ‘ fret ‘ by the advertising platform Facebook and make the tour more complete.

However, we encourage you to complete the formation of Facebook Blueprint and start your Facebook Marketing!

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