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SOCIAL ADS · 12 / 05 / 2016

Attention, Attention! New in sight! Today we present you Facebook Canvas, a new system of landings integrated on Facebook to facilitate mobile browsing let’s go on tour!

First stop: What is Facebook Canvas?

This is a landings model created to offer an immersive experience from Facebook on mobile devices. The main advantage is that the user does not have to leave the Facebook environment For more information about an ad. Another advantage is usability, with a load speed of up to 10 times the usual on mobile-designed websites.

As you can see, this type of landings are designed to be very visual, highlighting the graphic content: videos and images. But they can be used whatever our goal: branding, selling, generation of leads, etc. If you want to know more about Facebook Marketing, read all our articles about it in the section of Social AdsReserve a couple of days!

Second stop what can we use Facebook Canvas?

Now that we have experience with the use of Facebook CanvasIn Digital Menta We believe that these landings are ideal for very creative products/services, in which we want to give great importance to the image.

It occurs to us for example, that could be a very good application to promote movies, toys, or innovative gadgets.

In any case, we recommend to try it even if the product/service is not as “visual”, you never know what can happen ????

Third stop how do I implement Facebook Canvas?

The configuration is done through the Power Editor, in AD sets that are segmented to mobile devices. In the ad you will be able to set a destination URL or Canvas, as shown in the image:

Canvas Ads Facebook

Select Canvas to add a landing to your ad

And so we can open the Canvas design interface:

Facebook Canvas Designs

This is the Canvas space design interface on Facebook

The construction of our Canvas is very simple:

1. Select the subject. We have two available by default and a custom third, if you want to apply the corporate colors:

Topics Ads Facebook

Choose the theme for your Canvas space

2. Select a Header. We will charge the logo of our company that appears on the top of the landing:

Logo Facebook Canvas

Add your company logo on the Canvas

3. Upload the main header photo and choose the layout. It’s about deciding how we want the image to behave:

Photo Facebook Canvas

Includes an attractive header image on your Canvas

  • Set to width and clickable.
  • Set to Width + allows users to touch the image to see it in full screen and augmented.
  • Set to High + allows users to tilt their device to rotate the image from side to side.

And select destination URL of the image if you want to direct to the web.

4. Set the call to Action button. In this section we can design our call to action button. We have tools to define the typography, color, style and position of the button and the space to add the destination URL that we want to use.

CTA Facebook Canvas

The CTA must be unique and draw the user’s attention

Additional components:

Facebook reserves us a series of additional components that we can add to our Canvas in a very simple way:

Blocks Ads Facebook Canvas

We can add other blocks of content to our Canva

  • More Buttons
  • Sequence: Image Carousel
  • Photo
  • Text block
  • Video

We just have to select the component we want and place it with the arrows that appear in the upper right corner of the block.

Fourth stop we don’t like this!

Or Wailing Wall. It’s time to point out the small disadvantages or weaknesses that we have encountered when working with Facebook Canvas:

  • When a block of text is inserted, the format is quite limited. You can only align the text in a form. We cannot align one paragraph to the left and center another. The only solution would be to enter a new block of text at a time.
Add Canvas Text

Text block in Canvas

  • Few sources available: If we are working under a corporate style manual we can have difficulties, because the text blocks only have 3 types of fonts to select.
  • There Are No bullet points, which is a nuisance when it comes to putting the main benefits of a product/service. But we have found a solution, ???? if you paste a text with bullets from Word, it will maintain the format. And even better, it seems that Graphemica symbols and emoticons also work on Canvas.
  • You cannot add a form. It is true that for this we have Facebook Lead Ads, but it would be interesting that in this type of landings could also add a registration form or the possibility of buying directly (this would be the bomb).

End of route What about the results?

It is still very early so that we can draw conclusions about the performance of the campaigns we have using Facebook Canvas (barely a month running).

In our case we are testing it for a customer with Lead objective. Although we believe that it is not ideal, because it has no creative approach, we wanted to give it a chance and not let us lead by our prejudices. And you, have you already worked with this type of ads? Tell US!

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