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SOCIAL ADS · 18 / 10 / 2016

One of the main advantages of Online advertising is the possibility of measuring and attributing in a very precise way the performance of each channel. Blessed pixels! Facebook Pixel and AdWords to the rescue. Something without what the Marketeros could live. «Launching a campaign without having set the measurement before? Are you locooooo? ”

The pixels, as many of you know, are Those snippets that, once installed in the source code of our website, allow us to keep track of the performance of each channel and know what is going on.

Each network or tool has its own pixel but today we are going to focus on the Facebook. I do not know if you remember, but a couple of years ago, to perform the measurement on Facebook we had two different pixels: pixel conversions and pixel for remarketing (something like in AdWords). However, a few months ago the pixel of Facebook was presented, a single pixel to measure everything that happens on your website and that, in the coming months (there is still no date precisely defined) will unseat the previous pixels. In fact, in the newly created accounts, we can only create the new pixel of Facebook.

What is the Facebook pixel?

As we said, the Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that we can use to measure, optimize, and create audiences for our Facebook campaigns. Therefore, taking advantage of the information given to us by the pixel of Facebook will allow us to configure much more effective campaigns.

Conversions Measurement

In most cases, the metric that defines the correct functioning of a campaign is the Conversion. The Facebook pixel will allow us to accurately measure conversions from our ads. In addition to helping us know which campaign pays best in terms of conversions, it has the advantage of being able to measure conversions on different devices. If the user is logged on Facebook, but change from mobile to Desktop, we will not lose their trail and we can measure the conversion in another device of the original click.

How do we measure conversions?

Once the Facebook pixel is installed, we have two ways to configure the conversion measurement:

  1. Creating the Conversion event through the URL of the Thank you page. Go to the “Custom Conversions” tab inside the Ad Manager and click on “Create custom Conversion”. Then you can define the conversion rule according to the content of the URL that corresponds to the conversion action:
Facebook Pixel

Set up conversions via URL – Facebook Pixel

    2. By implementing Standard Events, we can measure different user actions in different pages of our website. Page View, product added to cart, prospect, or complete order are some of the standard events that we can measure through the Facebook pixel, although in this case you have to add snippets within the base code of the Facebook pixel. In This link You can get all the information you need to implement the standard events through the Facebook pixel.


In addition, the new pixel of Facebook makes it easier to create remarketing lists. With the same pixel we can nurture our client lists to use them in remarketing strategies or create similar audiences.

Do you need help to create a list of Remarketing? It’s very simple! Within the Ad Manager, click on “Public”, then select the “Website traffic” option.

Facebook Pixel for Remarketing

Facebook Pixel remarketing Configuration

Then you’ll find several options to create your audience. You can select “Anyone who visits your website”, “people who visit specific websites”, “people who visit specific websites but not others”, “people who did not register a visit in a certain time” or create custom combinations.

Facebook Pixel-Combination

Set up public remarketing with Facebook Pixel

It is very interesting to use this option to create public at different levels (have seen only the home, have seen product pages or have added a product to the cart) to personalize the advertising depending on which phase of the conversion funnel is Each user. It will therefore allow us to present relevant publicity to each user, improving our chances of success.

How do I implement the new Facebook pixel?

Interesting, isn’t it? You’re looking forward to implementing the new Facebook pixel. We tell you how!

In the Ad Manager, click Pixel, create new Facebook pixel. They will ask you to give a name to your new pixel and then you will get the code to install on your website.  You have the option to copy and install it yourself, if you are the webmaster of the site, or send by e-mail along with the instructions to the person in charge.

Bonus Track

It’s not over here. We recommend that you verify that you have correctly installed the pixel. To do this, you can install the Pixel Helper, an extension of Google Chrome that will allow you to check if you have correctly installed the pixel in all the pages of your website.

Then you can see how we do the test on the website of Asos.

Facebook Helper Pixel

Facebook pixel detected through Pixel helper

Are you running to install it? Remember that soon the old pixels will no longer be operational. As always, if you have any questions about the writing, do not hesitate to ask us through the comments. We read!

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