This is how 2019 will end LinkedIn: Tricks to create campaigns with the latest news

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Gema Ordaz

SOCIAL ADS · 10 / 10 / 2019

It is well known that LinkedIn is booming in the advertising world and for many people it has become an indispensable work tool and a perfect complement to our online strategies.

But, we also know of the existence of its limitations. It is not only a tool to use, very developed, but also a tool with a lot of potential, but you have to know how to use it really well and for this, they have made multiple optimizations to become a platform that gives our campaigns success.

Latest news on LinkedIn 2019

  • Lookalike Audiences have arrived: Who has not used them in other networks to reach more users similar to our audience?

las Lookalike Audiences son una de las novedades de Linkedin en 2019

Well, from the platform we can create LaL with website audiences; This does not mean that all users who have visited our website are going to convert, and unless users who have a similar profile do so. 

Simply from LinkedIn they detect these users and if they have a profile on this network, enter your audience list.

Therefore, a tip is to narrow the audience when we create the structure of our campaign, for example segment by: Lookalike Audience + Charges. Thus, we ensure that all similar profiles impact those who have a specific position, which is what interests us.

We can also create LaL with lists of potential clients, lists of companies with which we have worked, etc. It would also be important to limit the segmentation, for example: Lookalike Audience + Business Sector, to ensure we cover a wider audience, but within our sector.

Or Lookalike Audience + Seniority, if our goal is to impact users with higher profiles or positions within those companies.

* The recommendation to narrow the audience is to be more precise, but it does not always work. We must avoid creating niche audiences that create tiny audiences and reduce the success rate. 

If you see this happening to you, it is better that you use your Lookalike audiences for branding and non-conversion purposes.

  • We will end this year with new objectives for the campaigns, and restructuring of the previous ones: What better than having the option to optimize the campaigns with your corresponding objective. Until now, the most used was visits to the website (Website visits) of which, we must mention the change that their metrics have suffered with the arrival of the new optimizations, and that is if you have noticed a drop in clicks, it is normal . Now the clicks vary according to objective, and it no longer shows the clicks of the campaign, if not those of the landing page.

But what has been said, what goals are new?¿Qué objetivos son novedad en Linkedin en 2019?

Brand Awareness Your main metric will be impressions, and they are very valid to obtain recognition of our brand. In these types of campaigns, Lookalike audiences can be beneficial to cover more audiences with a character similar to that of our target.

Conversions on the website (Website Conversions) The most anticipated. Until now, all the actions with a conversion objective were created under website visit campaigns, taking users to the landing where they wanted them to consume the content, register in a small form or even download them.
All of these were conversion goals that, sincerely, have not gone bad, but since the arrival of the new optimization, I have noticed an increase in conversions, so the new optimization works.

Job Applications This job as the core of the platform. It is rare that they have taken so long to launch it, but it is true that LinkedIn is no longer just a job search network, its evolution is remarkable and for online strategies it does not help us much.

This would be the funnel to carry out our online strategies and these are the new metrics that we will take into account when optimizing these types of campaigns:

Las métricas de optimización son una de las novedades de Linkedin en 2019

If we continue with the segmentation, this year not only the Lookalikes have been implemented, if not also the interests, within these, there is still a long way to go, but we already have some available such as:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Technology
  • Economy and Finance

Although it is true that it would also be well to limit public, because they are very generic.

Even being in the last four months of the year, I think it has been an important year for the evolution of LinkedIn both as a social network and as a digital platform.

Waiting for all the new features of your road map to be implemented in 2020!

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