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Verónica Claver

SOCIAL ADS · 29 / 11 / 2018

I’m sure you’ve already started working in the public Facebook Business Manager But are you sure you’re getting the most out of your audience?

On numerous occasions we create audiences and audiences on Facebook without any previous planning, which leads us to have numerous lists of public that we end up not using or not getting the most out.

Working and defining a previous strategy around our audience and audiences within the Facebook platform, will help us to get better performances in our campaigns and therefore make the most out of Facebook Ads.

One of the most powerful things inside the Facebook Ads platform are the possibilities we have of working with stakeholders segmented by interests, with custom audience configured from the behavior of the users on our website, or similar audiences created from pre-defined audiences… This opens up endless possibilities when it comes to creating campaigns and guiding our Facebook Ads, let’s take advantage!

Where do we start planning our Facebook audiences?

In Order to get the most out of the possibilities of Facebook with respect to the public, we must make sure that we have a good implementation of the Facebook Pixel On our website, that allows us to create lists of personalized audiences from the traffic on our web. 

As a starting point it will help us to focus our audiences on the different Phases of the sales funnel or also call of conversion. Thinking about the audiences we may need in the different phases of our conversion funnel can help us plan what lists to create.

Within the discovery phase we will be able to work with public audiences of Facebook saved, these audiences may have different segmentations based on places, age, sex, and language. In addition, it gives us the possibility to use a more detailed segmentation that allows us to include people who meet certain conditions such as interests, behaviors and demographic data:

Publics saved Facebook

We also recommend working with wide segmentations that allow the Facebook algorithm to learn and discover new audience profiles to show our ads.

When using these audiences of saved publics we must take into account that we are in a phase of discovery, so that both the copy and the creativity of our ads should have a message oriented correctly. This will happen in the rest of the phases in the same way, creating new messages aimed at people who already know our brand.

As we advance in the different phases of the funnel, we will have to be profiling and creating new audiences that will allow us to return to impact the users who have known us in the discovery phase. This is where we should make a list of the different Facebook Custom publics we’re going to work with. At this stage is where it takes importance Creating remarketing lists Based on different criteria.

We can use our Facebook audiences to impact users who are in them or to exclude them from our campaigns. So important is to work on a good segmentation of public to which we want to direct our ads, how to exclude them from our scope to avoid impact or not give the correct message. So remember to exclude from the campaigns of discovery remarketing lists to not impact people who already know us.

How to create custom audience lists

Facebook Ads Custom Audience

From the public section in the Facebook Ads Business Manager menu, we can create our custom audience lists from different criteria. 

  • Lists from our customers database

This option has great potential if we are looking to have our clients associated with a Facebook profile. This can help us to guide specific campaigns to this public or exclude this public from campaigns to attract new clients, as well as being able to create similar audiences of these databases.

The file with the data is uploaded in encrypted form and can be done through the upload of a file in. csv or. txt format or simply by using the “Copy and paste” option. But in addition, from the Facebook platform you are given the possibility to import these data thanks to the connection with platforms of Email marketing of third parties.

One of the latest updates of the platform also allows us to create a similar audience taking as reference the LifeTime Value of our customers, a powerful tool to get audiences similar to your most valuable customers.

  • Web site traffic-based lists

Here we will create lists of Remarketing of people who visited our website or made specific actions using the Facebook pixel implementation on our website. They are the most common and the most used when creating new audiences.

We can create audiences of users who visited our website or users who visited specific URLs, the possibilities are endless as we can do cross-lists, think well what we are interested in our strategy!

But the traffic-based lists of our website have much more potential, thanks to the implementation of pixel events on our website we can create new Remarketing lists based on these Facebook Events. We land this to a practical case to see the possibilities in a simpler way:

  • We have previously configured on our website the Event of Complete Registration To track and be able to post to people who register on a form that we have in the destination URL of one of our Facebook campaign. Now we can create a remarketing list of people who make that record, but we can also create a list of audiences similar to these users.

custom event publics on Facebook Ads

This type of list is very important if we work with campaigns to conversions, because it allows us to have identified the users that perform the Events And also to create similar audiences that are potentially more sensitive to making such a conversion.

  • Lists created from offline actions

Through Facebook we can also create lists from offline actions that the users have made with our business. To do this we need to have a pre-configuration of offline events implemented through a third-party API or platform.

  • Facebook User Interaction-based Lists

Public interaction with Facebook content
Another of the lists of customized audiences are those based on the Interaction of the users with our content on Facebook and Instagram. These lists are essential within our Facebook strategy, as they will allow us to have identified users who are interested in our content. We can Create general lists based on different types of content. If Sanity Video Campaigns we recommend you have created the remarketing lists of users who viewed your video.

Create similar public lists on Facebook

And we couldn’t finish without talking about theSimilar public Facebook, we have been naming them throughout this post, but we will see them in a more detailed way. The platform allows us to create similar audiences based on previously created lists. This has a great potential for us as it gives us the possibility to create audiences similar to hearings that visited our website or that made some specific action.

When it comes to setting up a similar audience we can determine the amount of public we want to create, we recommend to create at least 3 or 4 segmentations with different similarity percentages that allow us to implement these lists in our campaigns according to what is more interesting to us.

Similar publics from Facebook ads

In Digital Menta We work the audiences of Facebook Ads with all the possibilities offered by the platform to get the most out of our campaigns, and you, do you know how to focus your Facebook audience? Let’s get to work!

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