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Josue Simón

SOCIAL ADS · 05 / 10 / 2017

In Digital Menta, an agency created by Exgooglers, we start from a training and a know-How in AdWords. Google has very evolved tools that allow you to work your accounts in a fast and massive way. However, when we want a solution to work in a similar way with the like US advertising platform, we find limitations. Despite all this, if we were to find a counterpart to Google Editor for Facebok, this would certainly be Power Editor.

In today’s post we will leave aside the tools of external suppliers that can provide an extra efficiency in the creation of campaigns or optimization, but also suppose an increase in advertising cost. In the future we will analyze some of these tools, because in Digital Menta We have had the opportunity to work with some of them as Espresso And Adsmurai.

Getting deep in the topic that concerns us today, Power Editor Facebook is the tool we seek to use when we want to be fast and efficient with our time; Leaving aside the Ad manager, whose ad creation process can slow us down in the event that we are already clear on what we want to do.

Where can we find Power Editor

Find Power Editor in the

Find Power Editor in the “Create and manage” menu

You can find it in “Create and manage” menu in the main menu of your Business Manager.

When we click on this option, the first thing we will realize is, that unlike the Adwords Editor, the Power Editor of Facebook is totally online. We don’t have the option of download it to ourself to work with him offline.

But… what tools are those that will facilitate the task of creating ads?

The Star features of PE

  • Duplicate

No doubt the most powerful option we find in Power Editor is to duplicate. This option is the one that will allow you to multiply the structure of your campaigns in a quick way whenever the tool decides not to hang. The latter happens quite often because being an online tool, you have to make a call to the server every time a minimum change occurs.

Power Editor Duplicate Option

Power Editor Duplicate Option

At any level of the Facebook structure: campaign, set Of ads or ads, we will have the possibility to duplicate an element, all the elements that are there, or a selection of elements that we want.

When we do this, Facebook will ask us what part of our structure we want to duplicate these elements in. This is very important because it gives us the ability to copy an existing ad set into another different campaign, or to copy ads from a set of ads for all ad sets in the campaign.

Another Quick option if we want to duplicate an element in the same site of the structure in which it is already, we can always use the quick duplicatefunction, which also has the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D.

Power Editor Quick Duplicate Option

Power Editor Quick Duplicate Option

No doubt the option to duplicate Power Editor is the one that will expedite the day to day with our campaigns. I give you some examples so you can understand how useful it can be.

Imagine that your company expands and that in addition to operating in the Valencian Community, now you have the possibility to do it also in Catalonia. Without a doubt, with Power Editor You can replicate your best campaign oriented to Valencia, and all the elements that are inside with only 2 clicks, and then you only have to change the geographical orientation of your ad sets.

Now imagine you want to test a new segmentation in your favorite campaign. Just duplicate the best-performing ad set and make timely segmentation changes to the copy you just made. The ads that were inside also have been replicated in the copy.

Finally imagine that you want to try a new copy for your ad, but that the image and structure of the rest of the ad you like. You only have to duplicate the ad in question and edit its text.

  • Find and Replace

Power Editor Search and Replace Option

Power Editor Search and Replace Option

Having finished duplicating all the items we wanted, the find and replace tool will help us change the nomenclature of all new items and keep our structure tidy.

Following the examples put in the preceding paragraph, this tool will allow us to replace the names of the structure; All “Valencia campaign copy” will now be “Barcelona campaign”, the “Good segmentation copy 1” will be called “New test Segmentation”, and the “AD version 1 copy” Now you can put the name “ad version 2”.

In conclusion

The Facebook Ad Manager is a good tool when you are learning or starting, as it is very tutorializado and guide you step by step through all parts of the campaign.  But when you have it dominated and you need efficiency when it comes to operating your Facebook Marketing, no doubt the next step is to start working with Power Editor.

The options to duplicate or find and replace Power Editor will be your best ally when looking for speed and efficiency. These Excel Tools for Adwords They will make the task much easier and scalable.

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