Advertising on Instagram: how does it work?

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SOCIAL ADS · 05 / 10 / 2017

Instagram is crowned as one of the most powerful social platforms of the moment. It has two essential things in its favor: it is an application designed entirely for the mobile, device where users spend more time and that its content is purely visual, aspect that more captures the attention.

In recent years has grown a lot, and already slashing the 1 billion monthly active users surpassing Twitter. In Spain, there are 14 million of active users every month. Some figures that don’t stop growing globally. No wonder that in 2014 finally gave the jump to officially monetize the social network through advertisements. And now at last! Advertising on this network has come to Spain. 

Instagram Ads

Active users in Instagram at 2015

Companies, seeing their potential, have become vital members of the platform. Its strategy is to provide content that fits the images that users upload. That is why it is difficult to distinguish the ads from the native content, which results in the user experience being very good for the users and not seeing them as something intrusive (for now).

Then I will talk about the main elements that need to know about advertising in Instagram:

How does the Instagram Ads work?

Instagram ads appear in the user news feed, along with the images shared by friends, family and other Instagram accounts that they follow. The creatives may have a square or horizontal format, depending on what the Advertiser has previously selected. The difference with the ‘ post-native ‘ is that the ads are ‘ tagged ‘ with the word Advertising at the top to be identified. 

Some ads or others will depend on your activity data on Instagram and Facebook, at the same time information from websites and third-party applications that you use. For example, they may see ads based on the people they follow, the content that they like in Instagram, their information and interests on Facebook, and the websites and apps they visit. 

The ads will be able to be made through the Power Editor of Facebook, the only requirement therefore will be to have a publicity account in this social network and to follow its norms of publication.

Anatomy of an Instagram ad

  1. The profile image of the brand.
  2. The image or video representing the promotion.
  3. The Call to Action that will depend on the selected target.
  4. The text that should capture the attention in 300 characters maximum.
Instagram Ads

Instagram AD Example

Types of Instagram Advertising

  • Instagram Marquee (Brand Day) 

A format that gives more awareness and impacts a great audience. It is a single-day campaign of maximum reach and frequency with a very high impact.

Offers impressions and guaranteed positioning and top position in the Instagram feed. Ads are inserted 3 times a day, making your story part of the platform’s experience. The formats that can be used are image, carousel or video and have a fixed CPM.

Instagram Ads

Specifications of the Marquee ad in Instagram (Brand Day)

  • Power Editor Format

This second type works as the ads that are made on Facebook and are created from the Power Editor. Then I’ll explain all the aspects that must be taken into account when creating the ad: 

Objectives of Instagram Advertising 

When creating an Instagram advertising campaign from the Power Editor on Facebook The first thing you will have to do is select a target. Currently there are 3 types available:

  • Clicks to the Web: It is used to send users to relevant sections of your website or to a Landing page.
  • Application Facilities: Get people to download your app in the Google Play or the App Store. 
  • Video Views: Tell a story or advertise a product using a video.
Instagram Ads

Types of ads on Instagram according to objective

Advertising formats

There are different types of ads in Instagram depending on the objective you have selected:

  • Image ads: It impacts the user with impressive images and aesthetics similar to the type of photographs that are uploaded to the platform.
  • Video ads: By moving image and quality sound it will be easier to impact the user and be able to tell more about your product or brand.
  • Carousel ads: So far users could only see an image or video, now brands can add up to 4 photos in a sponsored post. The slide is in trend, and users can slide the content to see more pictures.  A good idea to better show a product or even tell a little story.

Segmentation options

The same segmentation is available in Instagram ads as for Ads that are created on Facebook. Segmentation options include location, demographics, interests, actions, and more. Remember that it is not necessary to use all the options of segmentation, the only obligatory ones are the country, the age and the sex.

The rest of the segmentation options will help you if you want to get more control over the types of people who see your ads. Finally, also remember that you can segment your Instagram ads to A personalised audience or A similar audience.

Instagram Advertising Requirements

  • The recommended image size for an Instagram ad in square or horizontal format is 1080 × 1080 pixels. The image should not include more than 20% text.
  • The aspect ratio of an Instagram ad in square format is 1:1. If you use the horizontal format, the image or video should have an aspect ratio of 1.9:1.
  • Your video ad should not be larger than 30 MB and the maximum duration should be 30 seconds.
  • Foot Text length: Single text, 300 characters maximum.
  • Web Site URLs on photo captions: Do not use URLS in the text of your Instagram ad as it is still not possible to click on the Instagram links.
  • Call to Action: a button that tells the users you want them to do. The text options for the CTA depend on the objective: 
    • Clicks on the website: Book, contact us, download, more information, buy, register, see more.
    • Apps Installation: Install, use the application, book, download, more information, listen, play, buy, register, see more.
    • Watch Video: See more, book, contact us, download, buy, register.

Now that you know all about Advertising in Instagram, just go into this new tool to advertise create your Instagram Marketing Strategy and launch ads on this social network!

In the next article I’ll talk about Best practices to conquer the users with the ads. Stay tuned!

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