When we talk about user interface or user interface we usually refer to that visual part with which users interact with machines.

We can differentiate between different types of user interface that we will identify as follows: Command Line Interfaces (CLI), Text User Interface (TUI), Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), Voice User Interface (VUI) and Natural User Interface (NUI), among others.

Graphical user interfaces (GUI), are currently the most standardized UI definition. It is associated with all graphic control elements and images that take creatively as reference to real-world objects (which will be displayed as icons such as buttons, etc.). Therefore, a website or an app can be considered user interfaces.

In any user interface, functionality, simplicity at the time of its use as well as its aesthetic appearance are important criteria when facilitating a good user experience. In web or app design it is very important to create a user interface that facilitates the maximum transmission of information, navigability and interaction.

A UI expert will design a web, mobile or tablet site, page or application based on the creation of wireframes and mockups and then feed the base of that construction with color, gradients, components. All this to create a visual and technically attractive design.

In this section we will capture a work methodology for the complete life cycle, from the conception to the final tests and put into production of a website or app, which guarantees us the maximum levels of usability of the final product.

  • Empathize: This process seeks to understand the needs of the users involved in the solution and its environment.
  • Define: In this stage all the revelations found in the previous stage are processed and synthesized in order to form a clear perspective for the creation of the solution.
  • Devise: In this process the exploration of a wide variety of possible solutions is sought through the generation of ideas to allow us to go beyond the obvious and explore different solutions. It is important to eliminate value judgments and favor expansive thinking.
  • Prototyping:  A stage in which ideas are sought to transform ideas into a physical form, in which one can experiment and interact with the proposed solution, to validate ideas and learn from the process to improve or refine the solution.
  • Test: Prototype tests are carried out with users in order to use their observations and comments to refine prototypes.

These are some of the benefits of a good user interface:


A thoughtful and coherent interface design improves the position of your website.

Brand definition

It helps to position the brand and therefore the user knows the services or products it offers.


A good interface design generates an excellent first impression and therefore improves the reputation of the brand.

User experience

A good user-centered interface will make you feel comfortable navigating through it. Easily and intuitively.


A good user interface will have a visual, content and message coherence, so it will provide coherence to the site and the brand.


A good user interface design improves the user experience, so it will return as loyalty.

What are the main differences between UI and UX?

UI or User Interface refers to the visual part that puts the user in contact with the machine, while UX or User Experience involves all the User Experience part with that interface, how usable it can be.

How to develop an attractive interface design?

We can determine the following as gold rules to achieve an attractive user interface. That it has consistency, that the sequence of actions and situations be repeated as a pattern or similar following a similar terminology in all its elements. That is fast, thus increasing user interaction and including shortcuts. That the information is clear, including information points whenever necessary. That aesthetically attractive, pleasant and increase user satisfaction. And finally that allows to revoke actions if the user does not reach the objectives in a first attempt.

What is the UI?

UI or user interface is the visa that allows a user to interact effectively with a system. It is the sum of some way of information architecture, interaction patterns and visual elements.

What does a UI designer?

UI designers take the framework established by the UX design to develop digital products with a final visual form. With the wireframes and hierarchy of information they establish a visual design together with interaction design practices in order to guarantee visual coherence throughout the entire user experience when using the interface.

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