15 tricks and plugins for WordPress

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Laura Gimenez

UX · 23 / 05 / 2017

You are about to read 15 tricks For WordPress that will help you in your daily work as a web designer, whether you are an expert or if you are starting. We will give you tricks for WordPress related to SEO, with plugins, templates, budgets, etc. shall we start?

Plugins and tricks for WordPress

1 – WordPress SEO by Yoast

Free Plugin that alerts you of the errors COMMITTED in SEO in your blog post and how to improve them, even if you have no IDEA of SEO. It tells you where to place the keyword, the proper density of the keyword, and the meta description of the post.

2 – Sumome

It allows you to add social buttons to your images, like Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook. Also add a floating bar to encourage readers to subscribe to your Blog or go to a specific landing.

3 – Jetpack

It offers statistics and analysis of the site, it allows you to share automatically in social networks, including WHATSAPP, and best of all, it serves to appear related entries.

4 – Akismet

If you want to be safe from spam and offensive comments this plugin will automatically filter comments and sends through the form. You will always be able to review the spam comments that it captures in the “comments” screen of the administration of your blog.

5 – Polylang

With it you will be able to set up a multi-language site. You can normally create pages and entries and then set up each for a language. It allows to enter all the languages you want, as well as translating posts, pages, media, categories, menus, widgets, tags, etc.

6 – Nelio Content

You can have your editorial schedule controlled, scheduling your entries and analyzing their quality. You can assign tasks to other authors, and automate the dissemination of content on social networks.

7 – Mailchimp for Wordpress

With this plugin you will see Grow your subscriber list, you will be able to create different optimized and customized forms and add them anywhere In your WordPress. The contacts will be saved in the list you want.

8 – 404 Redirected

With this plugin you will be able to automatically redirect all your 404 errors to existing pages or entries on your site. You’ll increase visits and improve conversions. It is very easy to configure, because you only have to activate it and it takes care of redirecting the 404 errors to certain URLs.

9 – Customize the home page

For those who have a website with several authors or users where each has its user and password to login, you can customize the login beyond the default WordPress.

You can customize it and include your logo, colors, your image, or text and you will have a much more professional login.

Here is a link that explains everything: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/tips-tricks/how-to-customize-the-wordpress-login-page

10 – Pop ups to attract more subscribers

If you have a list of subscribers in order to send you your newsletter and the latest news of your company, you must have a considerable list of potential clients. You will have to encourage them to leave your email as it is. That’s why you can place small windows that open when browsing your website and offer something of value to leave your email. There are different plugins for this, but we recommend: Sumo MePop Up Domination And OptIn Monster.

11 – Create a membership site

In your case, what you want to create is a place where your users can enter and access exclusive content, information or multimedia content.  For this we recommend: Wishlist And Memberpress

12 – Sell your content and monetize your blog

If you want to earn income by selling your ebook, your course, your audiobook or your software is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. You will have to upload the files to a video platform or to a server so that it can be seen. Then you will have to create a membership site and choose a payment platform where customers can pay to access your product. There are several plugins that allow you to do all this: Easy Digital Downloads And Simple WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart

13 – Allow your content to be shared on RRSS

Make it easy for them to share your entries in the different social networks. The more times you share more traffic you will have and improve your positioning. Add buttons on the most important networks so that a click is shared! We recommend: Share And Monarch Social Media Sharing

14 – Have an email with your domain name

Change the @gmail or @yahoo by the name of your company: [email protected]. You will give an image of more confidence and professionalism. It’s a strategy focused on branding.

To configure it you will have to create an email in your Panel of the hosting server that you have hired. Then you have to add it to your Gmail account, so that you get to the inbox of Google, and not have to go to the server every time to check the mail.

15 – Disables automatic updates

It may be an advantage for some users but we recommend that you disable it. Maybe the theme, some plugins or configurations stop working properly or disappear. To avoid it is better than the deactives, we leave a few Instructions.

How did you like these tricks? Did you all know them? Leave us your suggestion and we will take it into account!

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