5 Steps to create an effective landing page

A landing page is the key element in converting visits to subscribers. Whether you are picking up traffic with your website, with Adwords, Facebook Ads Or sharing your content on social networks.

Whatever you do, you need an effective landing page.

If you've come here without knowing what a landing page needs to get Conversions In a quick way, read on and you will know the essential elements to consider.

Create effective landing page

1 – Title and subtitle

The title is one of the most important elements on our website, as it is the first thing a visitor sees of us. To get a user to stay on our page you will have to use the main title as a clear and unmistakable message that generates interest to follow on the web.

Your title must answer two crucial questions:

  1. What is this product?
  2. What do you do for me?

Headlines that do not answer these two questions almost always translate into few conversions.

In addition, we must take into account these three criteria for our title to be effective:

  • Take Careof typography: The chosen font must be in accordance with the theme and the design of the page.
  • Let it breathe: Having space around the headline is imperative. A title surrounded by other elements will not hold the user back because it is less conspicuous.
  • It includeskeywords: The most important thing is that the headline include that term that we know the visitor is looking for.

Another good rule of thumb: If a person can't say what our business does after seeing our page for five seconds, then we need a better title.

As for the subtitle, we must make sure that the size of the letter is smaller than the title and that the content is an extension of the caption. Thesubtitle complements the title.

See how much attention these two elements receive on this website:

Heatmap Landing Page

2-Images and Bullet points

In general, users want to consume content quickly and easily, and will not stay for a long time on our page if there is not an image that has caught their attention previously.

Some tips:

  • Use images that show professionalism
  • Clearly shows your product or service
  • Make sure your logo is visible
  • Positive images and smiling people are the most converted.

On the other hand, bullet points are nothing more than text bullets (points before each sentence) that quickly pick up the benefits of your product or service on your landing page. In this way the user at a glance can read the points with the benefits of registering on your page.

3 – Directs call-To-action

They are design elements like links and buttons that indicate to the visitor which is the next step to access your product or service, usually through a form.
It's about encouraging immediate action on the part of the user. To do this:

  • Uses contrasting colors
  • Keep it on the "Above The Fold"
  • Use words like "download Now", "participate already", "sign" or "frisk me So" (have a higher percentage of success than the typical button with the text "send")
  • Choose images that include looks or arrows that take users to the CTA.
  • Uses numbers; Show the user exactly what they are going to get (for example, a price decline)

Landing Page Example

4 – Quick and easy form

The user usually leaves the form when he has to complete more than 4 or 5 fields. When a user is in front of a form that asks for a lot of data, he usually ignores it for lack of time. In this way, the less data we ask at first, the better. In the future we will be able to complete our database asking the user to fill in more fields.

5-Add Reviews

Users tend to rely more on other users' recommendations than on the seller's recommendations. Therefore, it is advisable to enter reviews of users who have already enjoyed our product or service. In this post we explain how add Google reviews to your website. Add your customer reviews along with their username to give it a more true touch, and you're done!

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Written by

Maria Soler

UX · 26/09/2018

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