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UX · 10 / 01 / 2015

When a student recruitment strategy is defined and implemented in digital channels, one of the fundamental decisions that can mean success or the resounding failure of campaigns is the landing Pages strategy for which to opt. There are several options ranging from creating unique landing pages to using primary corporate Web sites. The decision is not trivial and many economic resources and personal efforts may be spent on a solution that is not the best if the necessary design processes are not carried out. Making the right decision can make the recruitment costs very high, assuming the success of the business. Therefore, before delving into the design process, we always ensure that our customers understand the importance of testing and validating our decisions through data. Without these error testing processes, it will be very difficult to maximize the return on investment of a recruitment strategy and generate a mutual sense of failure of the actions carried out.

It is of paramount importance, therefore, to define a methodical process of design, implementation and validation of the different design tests to be carried out.

In another article analyzed the different Landing pages Types that exist. In this we will focus on determining the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different strategies of landing pages

Parent or primary corporate site

The motivation to use the corporate website as a destination for digital marketing campaigns to Generation of Leads, from our point of view, is almost non-existent. A corporate website is not usually focused on conversion, but informing visitors and allowing them to find any kind of information from the corporate website.

Another drawback that has to use these corporate sites to carry out marketing actions is the possible intolerance to the changes by different departments, because by serving the same content for different objectives can be limited much the Implementation of changes. Another existing disadvantage associated with the possibility of executing changes is the inability to run trial and error processes or AB Testing.

The only advantage that we see the use of this strategy is to filter a lot the type of record that reaches the internal systems of the company with the possibility of increasing the quality of these. However, this incapacitates to marketing campaigns to generate high registration volumes.

Landing pages specific by school, course or service

When landing pages are used for service or course, as a strategy for generation of leads, we seek to “box” future customers and focus on the flow of action for which we have designed the landing page. Thus, a user when looking for a course and observing a sponsored Adwords link, finally arrives to a landing page. If the design of this has been done correctly, the conversion rate or success will be maximized.

Landing Page Successful It caters to multiple aspects of human decision psychology; The fewer decision options we have, the more we focus and the more we move towards the goal that we have marked or have marked us within the landing page. For us, one of the biggest design-level gurus of landing pages is Oli Gardner by Unbounce. In his corporate blog he talks about the main points of success in designing a landing page. Among the most important we can highlight:

  1. USP, or unique selling proposition Clara. Here we define in a clear and concise way the added value of our offer.
  2. “Hero Shot” or photo of the hero. Here we search through a photo or even a video, show our prospects how they would look (usually happy) to make use of the service or product offered.
  3. 3 to 7 benefits of the service or product. Clear benefits, non-product characteristics.
  4. Example of usage context. How the service is used or what capacity you would purchase if you use the service.
  5. Easy-to-fill registration form with limited number of fields.
  6. Show 1 to 3 trusted elements.
  7. A ‘ call to action ‘ or a clear and convincing action call.

In this article you can learn more in detail Creating conversion-oriented landing pages And in this other we talk about What are the key elements of a perfect landing Page?

However, there is no magic recipe to make a perfect landing Page of start and we have to be clear that you have to define AB Testing Plans To continually improve the performance of marketing campaigns.

Multi-page or multiple landing pages Microsite

Let’s say it’s a hybrid between corporate site and landing pages. It allows browsing through the contents of the school, but always focused very clearly to the visitor’s register. You never miss the visitor’s view form, impede in the “above the fold” area or above the view. They offer a deeper browsing experience and allow you to disseminate information about various services or products.

We usually use them and recommend them for customers who have a catalog of various services or products with a high price as it requires a higher exploration process to make the decision to register for more information.

We show an example of one of our clients. Together with an AB Testing process and the Management of your AdWords campaigns we have managed to improve your conversion rate by 38% and its cost per registration has decreased by 22%.

Landing pages Strategies

Solar parks of Navarre; PPC Campaigns microsite

As a disadvantage, it can generate anxiety in visitors by offering a broader offer catalogue than a single service, offering doubts to visitors and reducing the conversion rate.

Mono Continuous Web site

We can say that this design offers the illusion to the user that it is in a Web site with navigation with traditional menus, although really the information resides in a single HTML and the use of the menus moves us, in a smooth way, to an area of the Web page already loaded and n the browser. It can be used to give a greater sense of seriousness and complexity of the services offered while maintaining the ease of browsing.

In Digital Menta we usually use not very deep microsites or watertight landing pages, whether with menu on a single page or without menu. Depending on the complexity of the promoted product, it will make more sense to offer a more complete browsing experience, through a Microsite, or simpler or “fresh” through landing pages.

Another factor that leads us to make an initial design decision or another is based on the price of the service offered. The more costly the service for the visitor, the more depth of information we have to offer, but always with the objective of the visitor carrying out the main action for which we have created the microsite (e.g. Masters or products or the landing page (minor courses such as cooking, languages, sports, etc…).

In any case, and always thanks to processes of Ab Testing, we advance in our decision making to offer the maximum profitability of the investments of our clients.

Finally, there are aspects of recruitment, beyond design, that need to be reflected in the landing pages. For example, if an entity requires certain fields on the pick-up form to be filled out by site visitors, so that its sales force can be organized, it will be very difficult to dispense with those fields.

We always advocate not to transfer the complexity of business processes from companies to the users themselves, as this can have a high impact on the acquisition rate. However, this complexity can also be an improvement in the quality of the records. In any case, each particular customer has different needs that condition the landing pages strategies for capturing leads.

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