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Display Select: the secret to finding your best audiences

You have shortage of traffic, but the Search is not enough for more? Is the Internet so big that the Display is huge for you? If so, the Display Selection is what you need. This type of high-precision Display will allow you to define, test and verify with great ease (and low budget) multiple audiences until you find the one that needs you. So what are you waiting for? Digital Menta is going to tell you when and how to use the Display Select!

Sometimes Search campaigns are not enough and we need to be more proactive and convince our potential customers to come to our website, instead of waiting for them to write a Google search. At the same time, in other cases we cannot turn our heads to make a Display campaign, either due to lack of budget or ignorance of the ideal audience. In these cases, the Display Select can be the masked superhero that takes us out of the trouble.

 Display campaigns Select (or Selection Display) existed for more than a year in AdWords, but most advertisers were unaware. Best known is the campaign option of Search with Display Selection but as Digital Menta, we do not recommend using this option. So let’s explain what a Display Selection Campaign consists of and what features it has.

The Display Select: what it is and how it works

The most notable factor of the Display Selection is that it increases the relevance of the ads to the audiences you select. What do I mean by this? The campaign will only show the ad when the user has an especially high probability of being interested in the product or service. And how does Google do it? It determines what needs that user is investigating through their searches and what pages you visit on the Internet and teaches you related ads.

Display Selection Features

Consequently, Display Select campaigns are characterized by having a lower volume than a Display campaign with the same keywords. On the other hand, they also tend to have a much higher CTR (on average 3 times higher) and a better Conversion Rate because the ads are more likely to respond to an authentic user need. As for the CPC, on the one hand it can be higher because it bid to appear before a more valuable audience but since it can have a much higher CTR (and that makes the support eCPM greater) there are times when you can win the same advertising space with a lower CPC.

Thanks to its limited reach and high accuracy, Display Selection campaigns give more control over the traffic they attract through their keywords because each one ‘activates’ a smaller audience. Thanks to this control and greater efficiency, they allow us to determine more quickly and easily the ideal audiences for an eventual leap to the Lifetime Display. When investigating audiences without wasting resources, the Display Select is a very good solution. Long live the Google conversion prediction algorithm!

The good news in all this is that Google is getting to do  improvements with the Display and every time they work more. And the bad news? That despite the time they have been active, Google still does not give free access to its configuration and you will need the help of an internal advisor to activate them. Would you like to have more information? Do not hesitate to contact Digital Menta to know more!

In summary, if you are not sure how to get more sales without risking too much, the Display Select (or Display Selection) may be the answer. With greater control and smaller audiences, now going to look for customers instead of waiting for them to reach you is even easier. The key is to show ads to those users who really need you, determine their audience profile, and once you have capitalized this resource to the fullest, go find more conversions with the traditional Display. Luck!

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