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Laura Gimenez

INBOUND MARKETING · 30 / 01 / 2018

Are you tired of working on your Blog but do not receive all the visits you expected? Perhaps all the effort you devote is not enough or correct to produce the results you expected. Want to find out what you could do to get visits to your Blog or improve those parts you have already worked? Read our post today!

Start to consider the key points that we bring you and you will constantly  get visits to your Blog, in addition to receive quality readers.

Use key tools for your business

You can’t know what results you’re going to get until you write and start getting feedback from your readers. So let your ideas flow and open your eyes and ears well to see how the market reacts.

  • Always aim ideas with Evernote

You must have a tool to point those ideas that arise at any time, either reading another Post, the newspaper or listening to a song on the street. You have to sign it for when you sit down to write you have ideas to leave. We recommend Evernote to create lists of ideas, which you can cross or group in different notebooks. It also allows you to capture your notes by hand and add them to a note. So everything is collected under the same theme. In addition, it synchronises with all your devices, which is great, because you can review them from where you need.

  • Create an Editorial calendar

You must plan with time the contents that you will publish. The ideal would be to have month to month your calendar prepared for the next. If you integrate a routine of work to your day to day you will not stay behind and all your content will have coherence and the same line. To do this, you can plan with Google Calendar, where you can invite the collaborators to an event on the day of the publication of their entry and it is written the topic so that others do not repeat it in the same month, for example. For WordPress you can integrate a Plugin to see the post past and future with the date and time of publication, this is the Edit Flow.

  • Get emails from readers and obtain loyalty

Don’t let them go! If you have spent a few seconds reading your Blog, make them jump a pop-up flashy to subscribe to your list and do not miss any content (or you can work it out and offer an exclusive ebook or a template to work in your niche in question) although the Quality content is key to return or become one of your favorites, use plugins to collect those emails and start a Email marketing Strategy: So you can notify them when there is new content or send them a compilation of the most read posts of the month, for example. Use plugins like Bloom, Mail Poet, Sumo, etc and MailChimp or AWeber for the Email marketing.


Create posts that hook from minute one

  • The first thing you need to know is that like a professional writer you must have your own style and impregnate your texts with it. You’re going to find out the more you write.
  • Tell memorable stories, so that through them you can send a message or values to your audience that interest you. When you hear a story and see in context an idea we are able to stay with it.
  • Tell stories that are close to you: Talk about you, your projects, learning, the people around you…
  • Use the rule of “the 3 I´s”: Inform, inspire and interact (we recommend it from ProBlogger). Try to create in your audience the effect of these three actions: educate your readers with the topics that interest you, inspírales to get your goal and move something inside and finally generates conversation with them through questions you throw in the Post To achieve, in this way, to retain them.


Extra: Tactics that don’t work anymore

  • Register in directories to get thousands of links that redirect to your website. Google is going to block this impact if most of your links come from websites in other languages or that are already categorised as Spam.
  • Think of the SEO The first months (link building, keywords, install SEO plugins…) should give you the same (at the beginning). Write to connect with your audience and offer them the best of yourself.
  • Create fake profiles that do nothing but link to your Blog. Google detects them and closes them all.
  • Exchange links: “You appoint me and I appoint you.” Google also detects them and remains a lot of value in their algorithm.
  • Publish on social networks without followers. It’s a waste of time because no one is going to read it or interact.

Here are the most important touches so that attracting readers to your Blog does not become nightmare! What do you think is missing to add to this list? Do you agree with it?

Thank you for reading!

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