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INBOUND MARKETING · 16 / 05 / 2017

We just have to write the words Inbound Marketing In our search engine so that in a few hundredths of a second are more than 6 million of results explaining this concept, its history and methodology, even we also talked about it years ago in this blog.

This methodology, crowned in recent years as the Queen of digital marketing, has made hundreds of companies rethink their digital strategies and adapt to these techniques as quickly as possible.

In the 4 phases of an inbound Marketing strategy That is summarized in attracting, converting, closing and loyalty; Co-exist and supplement various Digital channels described in our post. However Thanks to the wide range of opportunities offered by the analytical and payment platforms can be found in the SEM a great ally to adress an effective message adapted to each stage in which our Buyer person.

And how can we make the SEM an inbound Marketing tool?

Before venturing into solutions first let’s go for parts. To use SEM or PPC in Inbound Marketing is going to be necessary to have a website with enough traffic and seniority so we can recognize our users, and I do not mean to know only if they are new or recurring users, but to try to respond to questions that would make us like the famous song: “And how is he? In what area he fell in love with you? Where is he from? How does he spend the free time? ”

To be able to get to know this and therefore be efficient in our SEM strategy for inbound Marketing is going to be absolutely necessary and vital Create a large number of audiences In our Google Analytics Control Panel and I promise to talk more about it in upcoming posts. Start!

SEM for attraction phase:


a lot SEM As SEO They are the tools par excellence to attract new traffic to our web, in our case, the SEM gives a multitude of opportunities to attract traffic interested or potentially interested through search, display, shopping or YouTube campaigns.

As you know and I think it is not necessary to deepen, the search campaigns allow us to have the first positions for the keywords related to our company, brand or product, but also with those who seek our competitors. Also, the Display campaigns will allow us to attract traffic depending on the interests of the users, topics, locations or webs in which they navigate. Finally, the Shopping campaigns They allow us to show our products for these searches and on Youtube to announce our videos.

SEM for conversion phase:


Once the strategy of attraction has been implemented and having obtained qualified traffic to our web, we arise the following challenge. How do we turn visitors into leads? And how can the SEM help me?

There is nothing better and more efficient than the data itself who tells us what we should do or what we should change. In order to do this, we find in SEM the most efficient tool to test or test in our landings and thus recognize the elements that most influence our conversion rate.

If we create Tests A/B of our advertisements that take to different landing pages, with different contents, different forms or simply with a different design, we will be able to analyze and compare the answers that this traffic offers. In addition, we can implement user behavior measurement tools such as Hotjar To discover, in this way, how they interact with our website and find leakage points or deficiencies.

SEM for closing phase:


We have achieved a lot of traffic in our recruitment stage and know through the A/B tests that usability is more efficient to get what we need from users, now we need to finish the process: that our web users end up betting For us, but how?

Let us reuse the results of our recruitment efforts, do not lose the already made investment or the information received. To do this, the main platforms SEM and Paid Media allow us to insist on our users in the idea that they should choose, showing even personalized messages depending on how long they have passed on our website, which Actions have done, how many pages have you seen, what products or services in particular and a long etcetera, I’m actually talking about Remarketing Both on display, search engines and social networks.

Try very well the audiences to create in analytics, think that users have had a close browsing session to achieve your goals. Also, if you’ve got leads keep them handy because we can use all this to close the sales.

SEM for loyalty Phase


Probably this stage is the one that will compensate for all your previous efforts, avoiding that your clients have to repeat the course of passing again through the aforementioned phases. In addition, we must be aware that after the loyalty there is the recommendation and, as conventionally said, that is the best publicity.

To perform loyalty techniques THROUGH SEM will re-hand the audiences we have created in analytics (keep your customer database at hand too), but in this case our segment are people who have made purchases Before that enter your user area, visit your website weekly, etc… I mean, the ones that consider are your customers. Also, what could make this an infallible tool would be to create audiences of the product/service/course/information they have acquired on your website, and thus to make the loyalty with the most personal message possible.

Once we have located and boxed our clients in the different audiences, we can begin to perform loyalty actions with SEM through remarketing .  For example;  Imagine that you have had a large group of customers who have bought coffee machines on your website in the last month and want to fidelize them through cross-selling capsules, or maybe you have on offer thermos.  Carrying out a campaign of text ads and images on Display, the interest of the client will wake up much more than with any previous campaign, because he already knows you and has had an experience with you, being much more responsive to your messages.

But do not just stay at the sales level, what better way to make corporate communication of your brand or company to your current customers that giving them content and useful material? And why not strengthen the company-client relationship?  Let’s go back to the coffee machines, although this would be applicable to any sector; Once we have located to our client we could make impacts on videos of tricks of how to use our coffee machine, inviting to participate in actions in social networks, webinars, that leaves us an opinion of the product in exchange for a discount in its Next purchase, etc.

As you can see it is wrong to try to make inbound Marketing WITH SEM. Only as a technique of attraction or capture with imagination, can be your perfect ally in all stages of the relationship with your client.

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