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Laura Gimenez

INBOUND MARKETING · 26 / 04 / 2017

Make all your networks connected

Today we are going to teach you an automation tool that will facilitate all your tasks and will improve your performance at work, IFTTT. What’s that name? Let’s start by analyzing the acronym of the name, which already gives us clues about what it can do for you. “If This Then That”. This is a structure that we usually find in programming, that allows, from a condition (This) Run an action (that)

This condition that seems so simple (that when this happens you shoot that) It allows to link infinite webs and social networks, making combinations between them. We must always indicate what the condition will be or trigger For one of the supported sites, and the action that will be shot elsewhere. For example, every time you post on Instagram a photo This This is published on my website automatically That

The characteristics of IFTTT

Apart from creating the triggers, we find other features: recipes, ingredients, and channels. The recipes are what we would call the whole formula, the combination of action-reaction. The ingredients even further personalize the action with which the condition is triggered; And the channels are the means that we can connect to the application, and within them determine the trigger and actions that have been available.

More examples to better know the tool would be and improve your performance at work:

  • Store in Google Drive all the images you are tagged with Facebook:

Improve your performance at work

  • Make a backup copy of all your Blogger publications on your Drive:

Improve your performance at work

Now that you know what might be useful, we continue explaining how to set up your account and later we will give you tricks to exploit the tool.

Register AT IFTTT. Once inside you will see the platform and some suggestions of “recipes”. You can choose one of the suggestions or go to “my applets > New applet”

Now you will have to choose the channel you want to connect with the “this” and then specify between the options that you offer, for example, click on the email icon and later choose something to happen when an email is labeled with a certain color or name.

Improve your performance at work

Improve your performance at work

Activates the channel by pressing “activate” and gives the necessary permissions. Gives the name to the hastag with which the actions will be activated. Then we need to decide what we want the consequence to be. To do this click on the “that” and choose the channel again and what we want to happen. For example, we could select Google Calendar and click on Create new event, or on Google Drive to create a document with that email. Finally you add a description for the recipe: “When I get an email with the tag #importante I create an event in Calendar”

Still don’t know why to use it? We give you a few recipes that you can mount and improve your performance at work:

    • Gmail + Dropbox: Automatically save email attachments to Dropbox
    • Feedly + Twitter: Choose a tag for certain content of feedly you want
    • WordPress + Twitter: Automatically tweet the post titles that are finished posting
    • Gmail + Facebook: from an email with a URL is automatically posted on your Facebook status
    • Instagram + flickr: Upload the photos to Flickr that you posted on Instagram.
    • Gmail + SMS: send ME an SMS when I get an email from a certain client

And many others that Users are offered:

    • Send you an email when it’s going to rain in your location.
    • Congratulate your Facebook friends automatically when it’s your birthday
    • Save on a sheet of Google Sheets Every call you make from your Android
    • Mute your phone when the time comes to sleep or when you get to work
    • Connect your phone to the WiFi when you get home
    • Have Alexa send you an email with the shopping list

There are even some that just make your life more fun:

    • A notice in your mail when NASA’s space station passes over you
    • “10 things you need to learn today” that come to your inbox
    • Get a notification with the end result of your favorite matches
    • A notification to wear sunglasses when a high degree of UV rays is detected

Well, now that you have many ideas on how to use IFTTT , become an account and start creating. Tell us the most original!

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