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INBOUND MARKETING · 16 / 11 / 2015

Do you know how to apply Inbound Marketing strategies on Social networks? In this article we explain the best tricks and tips to get the potential of the covers and publications fixed of the different Social networks the great forgotten by many brands and companies!

In most of the articles you will read That it is very important to optimize all the aspects of the social Networks of a company: to have a good logo, to fill all the information of the profile, to put a link to your web, etc. Why then leave aside two of the elements that make up a social profile?

In Digital Menta we recommend you to improve the design of these elements and apply a strategy of inbound Marketing in your social profiles of company.  What do I mean when I talk about applying an Inbound Marketing strategy in Social Networks?

Covers and posted publications can be an additional element to promote or sell our products and services or provide value-added content to capture leads.

Still not convinced enough that it can be something interesting or can work? Check the statistics of each of the social networks the number of visits you have to your profile. Is it a significant number? Imagine then how many people you are leaving to impact by having a ‘ flat design ‘ on your cover and not having any promotional content in the fixed publication linked to a Landing Page With a Call To Action.

Of course, you can continue to use these elements to make branding only. Now, if someone has gone further and has entered your profile is because it has a minimum of interest in your products and services do we want you to take a look and close the profile, or have the possibility of doing an action related to our company? If your answer is the second, pay attention to these tips! And as the important thing is to preach by example, we are going to teach you how we are implementing it.

How to optimize the fixed covers and posts?

The first thing you have to think about is what goal you want to get: Subscription to your blog? Capture potential customers? Sell a new product?

Once you have the objective clear, create a set Of covers for each of the social networks taking into account the sizes and specifications of each. Design these covers as if they were a banner, with a promotional copy and Enlázalos visually with the publication fixed. How can you do that?

If you look at the image above, on our cover we have framed the copy in a ribbon that visually directs you down where the publication is fixed promotional.

This is essential, that is to say, do not only use the cover of promotional form, it is no use to invite you to do an action to the user if you can not click or interact. This is where the fixed publication comes into play where you can put a link and more information.

4 Elements that enters the game in the Strategy of Inbound Marketing in Social Networks

    1. Cover design Along with promotional Copy: This is the first element that the user sees when entering your profile and has to be flashy but with a simple and effective design in which is clearly indicated what you are promoting and the action that the user or you can do.
    2. Copy of the Publication set together with an extra-visual element (Image, Infografia, GIF or video). We also recommend that for example on Twitter use relevant hashtags that can make users find the tweet and use icons to highlight certain items or to call more the attention of the user.
    3. Landing Page: It is no use optimizing the cover and the publication set for users to do an action if we then take them to a page where it is not clear that they have to do. Therefore, you have to create a specific page where we give the user even more information and there is a form to fill in their data.
    4. Extra Items: In case that promotions an ebook to get leads, you will have to pre-create the contents of the ebook.

3 Design Tips:

    1. Create a design that fits the style of your brand and is perfectly recognizable as yours by the user. Try not to be repetitive and use each space to provide more value information or keep convincing the user.
    2. Balance in the design between all the elements. It is necessary to make the user understand that it is a uniform campaign and not that each element promotes a different thing.
    3. Visual simplicity and effective design. It is not about making the most elaborate, original and artistic design of the world, but of getting a functional design that will help us to achieve the objective that we have marked. At A glance the user has to understand that we are offering him and what benefits he will get.

Why use the covers and posts fixed? 5 Ideas

  1. Promote a new service or product.
  2. Offer a free or freemium service. For example, in our case we are promoting a Free Adwords Audit.
  3. Get records in the newsletter.
  4. Offer a Premium content: Guide, Ebook, Manual, etc.
  5. Offer specific discounts.
Inbound Marketing in Social Networks

5 Uses of fixed covers and publications

3 Benefits Fixed Posts and Covers

    1. Propose an action to a user who has visited your social profile to not leave without interacting in any way with your company, beyond giving me like or share your posts.
    2. This Is not a ‘ static promotion ‘. The good thing is that it is very easy to change. You just have to create a new design. Therefore, you can change the “promotion” according to the objectives you netting for your company.
    3. Use social networks not only to make and share content, but also to achieve business goals and capture leads.

3 Common Errors: 

    1. Do not use cover or publication fixed. It may seem surprising, but there are still companies that in some of their Social Networks do not pay attention to these elements.
    2. Using a cover too flat, only with the corporate color of the company you’re not going to get anything, not even do branding.
    3. Use the posted publication to send people to the home of your website, for that there is already a link in the profile information.

Extra Data:

The fixed posts of the different social networks are not yet seen on the mobiles. Something that should improve these companies! It Is illogical that we tell our customers that the mobile is very important and that the big social networks do not take into account this. The Mobile usability of social networks changes a lot with respect to the Web. From Here we ask the Lords Facebook, Google and Linkedin to allow the fixed publications are also seen on mobile, since it is where users connect most. ????

And so far today’s article, we hope we have helped you open your eyes regarding the possibilities of the posts and covers. In next articles we will continue talking about more tips to apply inbound Marketing Strategies in Social networks. Don’t Miss it!

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