Back to Basics II: Inbound Marketing: What is and what strategies exist

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Laura Gimenez

INBOUND MARKETING · 14 / 07 / 2017

Inbound Marketing is one of the most demanded online marketing techniques today. The main reason is that, while it is true that it gives results in The long term, it is no less true that these are extremely effective.

Its great potential has made it one of the biggest trends in digital advertising. But Why is it so powerful? What does this technique have that doesn’t have the rest? We’Ll tell You all about it.

Why Inbound marketing is so important for business?

This strategy is based on a non-intrusive methodology, that is to say, it is a technique that, through diverse and friendly actions of online marketing, reaches the consumer naturally, without it perceives that it is being advertised.

This concept was created in 2005 by Brian Hallign and Dharmesh Shah as an alternative to the outbound marketing, technique that interrupts the user constantly and without his consent.

The Inbound Marketing Strategies They are very important for business for several reasons:

  1. Because they bring our products and services to our target, without them being the ones who are looking for us.
  2. Because they allow us to attract more traffic to our website, because it combines different strategies, so we have more ways to get to us. It also gets these visitors to become Leads For our company, that is to say, contacts with which we will be able to maintain a long term relationship.
  3. Because through these we can customize our campaigns Email marketing And, therefore, we achieve that they have greater effect.
  4. Because they increase our notoriety and brand image.
  5. Because They increase our onlinepresence.
  6. Because They endow our brand with a differential value.
  7. Because they increase the conversion, ie sales. With all this, we can say that its importance for business is more than noticeable.

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What types of strategies exist in inbound marketing?

There are many online marketing strategies that encompass inbound marketing, but of all of them, online Advertising agencies tend to give greater importance to the following pillars:

  • Marketing Of Content Marketing It is the strategy by excellence. Its relevance in the digital market is outstanding, therefore, to prepare a digital marketing plan is necessary not To forget Google, as much as users become increasingly prominent.

When talking about Marketing of content, we talk about having a blog in which we write and publish frequently interesting content and on which to develop a plan to enhance it. For example, dynamizing the contents in social networks, sending them through newsletter to the customers who have been interested in our services and products, etc.

  • Social media Marketing It is another of the most powerful techniques today. Networks have transformed our way of looking for information, have increased our interest in brands, have helped us to obtain data that we want to know about a product or a service, as well as recommendations about something. And also, of course, they have changed our way of buying products, because now we trust of what we see in them to make a decision.

Marketing on social networks involves launching promotional campaigns, being in constant contact with our audience, interacting with them, showing them our new products and services, etc.

  • Email Marketing It is, of all the strategies, that which we must always maintain. Why? For a very simple reason. Let’s put a very close example, how many times have you changed your mobile number and how many have changed your email? You’ve probably changed numbers more than once throughout your life, but surely very few or maybe no email address. That’s precisely why your Inbound Marketing strategy should include email marketing yes or yes.

Also, today, we are fortunate to have very helpful tools that can simplify the task of managing email marketing campaigns. For example, we Talk about the automation of online marketing that many Inbound marketing Agencies are implementing. Its features offer bestial features and provide incredible conversion results.

  • The SEO or natural ranking That is not to be missed and yes, it is that so much headache has brought us many for the changes in algorithm that makes our friend Google every relatively little time. Now, although the results usually take sometimes to appear, the truth is that once you get the opportunities to attract traffic are multiple. You know that to be successful on the Internet, you have to be well ranked, among other things.
  • The SEM, search engine positioning or Adwords It is that digital advertising strategy is to create sponsored ads and pay Google for the clicks obtained. It is also worth mentioning that Make inbound Marketing with SEM It has many advantages, because it allows us to get visitors while the SEO and the other strategies bear fruit. In Digital Menta we are experts in this area.


As you can see, inbound marketing is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies that exist because, with it, the benefits of our online business can increase considerably, and besides, we not only get Clients, but true ambassadors of our brand.

And you, after knowing all your benefits, do you dare?

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