A day in the life of an SEM Manager

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Josue Simón

SEM · 13 / 07 / 2016

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of an Account Manager is like? Maybe you’re looking for a job SEM Manager or you have contracted the services of a PPC agency, or simply, for some reason, you are curious to know what “these people” are doing. If so, I’m not sure this post is going to solve 100% of your doubts, but I’m sure it’s going to get you to pack a little more with these beings. Let’s start discovering the functions of a SEM Manager!

One day of any working day of a SEM Manager

In the morning, the SEM Manager gets up tired, of course. It is this typical person who sleeps late because he has stayed to see some geek series of the sector, as Mad Men, to be able to discuss it at mealtime with his companions. You Have to make the monthly investment profitable in Netflix.

Start the day

So it sounds the alarm clock and “five more minutes”…


… And we abuse the Snooze over our chances. Then come the rush.


And of course, we don’t really leave our beards because we are hipsters, but because we have to optimize resources. Between Breakfast and shaving, we all know who wins the battle.


Then have an espresso and go to the office.


It’s working time

First task of the day, check the accounts. Cross your fingers and pray that nothing has broken.


This is the turning point of the day. Here is determined if it will be a great day and you will be able to finish all the tasks you had scheduled…


… Or if you’re going to go ass because Google has been given to suspend the ads for I do not know what editorial policies and blah, blah, blah.


With luck and a couple of calls you’ve managed to solve the problem and it will only have taken you all morning. So by now you’ll probably need another coffee.


Ready! We can go on.

Optimization time!

You have Already saved the obstacles in the morning, because now it’s time to optimize the accounts. Optimizing, The star task of the Account Manager. Here comes into play the Analysis of results, the implementation of strategies and the management of bids and budgets.

But the work of a SEM Manager is not as easy to understand for everyone. “And what do you do?”

According To My clients:


According To My bosses:


According To The Design department:


According To my grandmother:


What we actually do:


We actually spent the day crammed into a world of letters and small numbers, graphics and curves. Thanks to our friends Excel and the Editor of Adwords.


And we are excited about small things; When a Vlookup works, or when a dynamic table looks nice. And it drives us crazy when the FB Power Editor crashes or Excel ‘ does not respond ‘. Or we get scared when…


At the end of the day we ended up with the head smoking so much analysis and so many numbers. But Deep down we love to squeeze our brains out.


And What do you do in the afternoon, person who spends his days glued to a Pivot Table? Then devote yourself to your hobbies, like everyone.


CHSSST, do not tell anyone, but my favorite after a day at the office in August is this:


And after 5 days of work, again…




 – Wait a minute, and this last picture?
– Well, my clients ‘ ads are still on during the weekend. We’ll Have to take a look at you sometime during the weekend ????


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