“AdWords isn’t for me”. 7 reasons to believe this.

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SEM · 18 / 11 / 2015

We all know the magnitude of Google, almost interstellar, and how it has changed the lives of the vast majority of inhabitants of this planet when accessing information.

The exercise of 2014 closed with 66 billion of USD billed, growing 19% compared to year 2013 (OMG!). Of this turnover, the percentage associated with the different advertising platforms of Google is around 90%, so that advertising can be categorized as the dairy cow that breastfeeds the entire business structure of Google.

Google billed 59,624,000,000 of USD only in advertising, thanks to millions of advertisers; These range from, big as Coca-Cola or Booking, to local plumbing service companies or florists around the world.

As professionals in digital marketing, Initially, we would say that the Google Ads It is suitable for everyone And it can be profitable for almost every business. However this is not true to 100%, since there are sectors where it is very difficult to monetize the investments because the competition in this sector is very saturated, and/or is a very mature sector at digital level, which makes it difficult to enter new competitors in this Sector. Examples of very complex sectors are those related to tourism (flights, hotels, restaurants, etc.), insurance, textile retail, consumer electronics, etc.

On the other hand there are advertisers who come to the same conclusion (AdWords is not for them because it is not profitable), based on situations, not entirely conclusive motivated by different reasoning. Here are some of them:

Lack of proper Strategy. Think first.

The definition of a strategy is fundamental if we do not want to fail to promote our products or services. That Is why AdWords campaigns, as in any other media or channel, have to have a strategic direction, related to the needs of the business. Direction that will be defined after having carried out an adequate analysis of the sector in which it is going to compete and which tactical and action plan should be executed, and in case of not offering the expected results like redirecting and modifying the strategy. Digital marketing agencies should help to properly define these strategies Not to generate crisis.

Definition of Unreal Objectives. Excel can handle everything.

An Almost direct consequence of the definition of a digital business strategy is to develop clear, measurable, attainable, realistic and temporal objectives (SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Based).

If these objectives are not defined “SMART” from the outset, we increasingly rely to an almost certain failure; The expectations of either party will not be fulfilled and “Rome Shall Burn” (metaphorically, obviously:)).

Unqualified Agency sufficiently. Check his credentials.

This is one of the problems that we find ourselves as professionals, qualified at a high level through the program of Google Partners.

Certifications of Digital Menta To do AdWords campaigns

Google Partners Certifications Digital Menta

Access to Internet professions is accessible to anyone, there is no formal education, due to the speed of this sector and to the youth of many of the necessary skills. This is one of the virtues of this sector; He who wants and likes can enter. However, this environment makes anyone can name themselves “expert” without really being.

In the case of the AdWords campaigns, The work of such self-appointed experts has a counterproductive effect on the profession. The self-appointed expert, who gains the confidence of an advertiser, but that due to ignorance or lack of experience enough, fails to get the necessary performance of such campaigns, can sentence an advertising channel to death for that Advertiser. Therefore, we recommend to advertisers that when hiring someone, they require at least the certifications of Google Partners (currently are 7: Basic Search, Advanced Search, Display, Mobile, Video Ads, Shooping and analytics). In addition to us it is imperative that you present previous success stories and if possible they may be related to the advertiser’s own sector.

Our website is not ready for the purpose of AdWords campaigns. Alert: Highly Important.

Many advertisers click on bone with the digital assets to which they run AdWords campaigns. If these digital assets are not well designed and do not correctly communicate the value proposition of the services or products we offer, it is very likely that the investment of Google AdWords.

Therefore, before launching campaigns in Websites or landing pages That are not suitable for the achievement of the business objectives, it is preferable to work in this aspect, and to remake them to achieve a greater efficiency of the campaigns.

Temporarily very short investment Test. Let’s Not go too fast.

In AdWords The magic does not exist and a campaign will not work to its maximum performance from the first moment. It takes time, both to collect statistical information about the interaction of users with our advertising, and for the person in charge of designing and optimizing AdWords campaigns to learn about the sector, the competition and The Advertiser.

Therefore, pretending to do proof of concept for a few weeks, may not be enough to know the feasibility of advertising In AdWords, and therefore come to the wrong conclusion that campaigns are not for us.

We also have to consider that seasonality plays a very important role when it comes to launching campaigns. It is not appropriate to start campaigns during the high demand season if we are not prepared. We will be competing against more filmed advertisers who will surely have better brand positioning in the digital space and know the ins and outs of the sector and consumers better, so they invest efficiently.

BAD Records tracking processes. Loans attention to your prospective customers.

This is also a critical space where there is a lot of room for improvement. It is no use that AdWords campaigns are efficient and can generate records or leads, if you then track these records is not done in the most appropriate way and you lose the right impact.

According To A Harvard study, the processing of records must be made during the first hour of reception of the record. Once that time has passed, the record-to-client conversion rate is declining dramatically.

Do Not pay attention to the CLTV (Customer LifeTime Cycle).

Those advertisers who are looking to sell products over the Internet, need to know that AdWords can be a channel for attracting new customers expensive and unprofitable if analyzed as a watertight or independent channel.

However, in order to improve the profitability of the company’s Digital Marketing actions, it is necessary to understand that each channel within the media mix has a function within the generation of benefits. Adwords campaigns can be very costly to get new customers, and therefore have to be combined with other actions such as Mail Marketing, Remarketing, etc. so that in an aggregate way, the Marketing budget is efficient and profitable. Below we show a screenshot for a specific sector in the United States (from custora.com).

Customer Lifetime Value by Channel-Custora.com

Customer Lifetime Value by Channel-from Custora.com

These are some of the factors that make it possible for an advertiser to come to the conclusion that AdWords campaigns do not work in your business. US, from Digital Menta , we urge that any advertiser who reaches that conclusion, review this post in detail, and if it detects that such conclusion is motivated by any of these factors, consider contacting a specialist company to review the performance of their campaigns Google AdWords and determine if you can re-raise an AdWords project.


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