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If the desert balls have started running through this section of your interface, be prepared to be surprised. AdWords Keyword Planner is better than ever, so make yourself comfortable and enter your terrain. The knowledge of the seasonality of your campaigns can save you from drowning and take you to the crest of Ola if you know how to use it. There are many tools with which we can do a study of this type, and surely you will know: SEMRush, Google Trends, Google Correlate... But today we want to focus only on one of them. 

The knowledge of the search trends in our market is vital to the success of the campaigns. In some sectors the summer is synonymous with skinny cows while others literally make their August. And so many others are assaulted by doubts at this time should I sell more in the summer? or less? Do vacations imply decreased search volume? The study of seasonality will allow us to answer these questions and aventajarnos about our competitors, or concentrate efforts when it is worthwhile.

AdWords Keyword Planner Features

Its design was modified long ago, with a much more pleasant layout in sight. A little less time ago we discovered new functionalities compared to the competition, but we wanted to wait for the perfect time to tell you our findings: Summer!

1. Search Volume trend

Keep in mind that the trend of the search volume That The AdWords Planner teaches us includes the monthly searches of the keywords ideas that appear below the search term.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Keyword search trend «Ski Clothes»

If you want to be more realistic with these trends, we advise you to press the "show only ideas directly related to my search terms" button:

Keywords related Ideas

Activate this button to see only ideas directly related to your search term

And what do we do if we don't sell anything in the summer? Is it advisable to stop the campaigns?

Because we have several solutions that depend more on the strategy of the company than the tactics In AdWords. Following the example above, we could try to sell the ski clothes where it is winter, to keep sales all year. If the internationalization is not envisaged, we recommend to keep the campaigns and to open the arms to the creativity: «Buy in summer cheaper», «Summer Outlet». If you want good ideas to make announcements, check out the article that was written about How to create a perfect AdWords ad.

2. Mobile Trends

The Keyword Tool also shows the search trends on mobile devices. In summer mobile devices are used more because people are usually away from home, on vacation or on a spree!!, and do not spend so much time in front of the computer. In August, for example, near-mobile cashier searches are 65%, the maximum proportion from these devices throughout the year:

Mobile Search Trends AdWords Planner

' Close cashier ' search trend and related keywords from mobile device

3. Breakdown by Device

This graph shows an average of the previous figures, how is the device cake Monthly:

Breakdown Device Planner

Monthly average device breakdown for "close cashier"

4. Breakdown by Location

We can break down at various levels: province, autonomous community, municipality, city or even our own segmentation locations. With AdWords Keyword Planner We will know how the cod is dealt with geographically.

Here we see an example with «Study Master online». Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla show significant percentages, while the majority of searches are scattered in other cities.

Breakdown City Keyword Planner

Breakdown by location for the keyword «study master online»

5. Account or Plan coverage

In order to see this section you will have to go back to the Buttons menu on the left "personalize the search", and activate «Show keywords in my account» or «In my plan». It is my useful to know how much market coverage in terms of keywords we have.

In the example we show you, we see that many of the key word ideas are not in the account. We would need to review them and add those that we considered timely to have a full account.

Keyword coverage

Check how much coverage you have in your account for a particular keyword and related words

6. Compared to competition domains

Lets you know your percentage of ad impressions versus the top competitors. The best thing about this feature is that you can compare by product category, so the results are very tuned.

7. Compared to market leaders ' domains

Percentage of ad impressions we would have for the keyword specified in the search box versus adding the percentage of impressions from market leaders and also tells us who they are! In the following example we see the search for sunglasses... That's sooo little crowded this summer, isn't it? 😀

This account is not sunglasses, so our estimated percentage of impressions is zero rank, but the example serves us to see who are the market leaders Did you expect to see Hawckers?

Leading domains Keyword Planner

Percentage of impressions of the market's leading domains Vs yours

And so far what was given. Of course, AdWords Keyword Planner has many more features and options, but here we let you take out your nature explorer and investigate on your own. The real SEM managers do it!

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SEM · 16/07/2015

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