Back to Basics III: Discover the potential of Google Ads

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Laura Gimenez

SEM · 08 / 08 / 2017

In this article we will talk about the tool of Google Advertising, known as Google Ads.

This tool was born in the year 2000 in the United States and is the largest advertising agency worldwide. Discover the full potential of Google Ads in this article.

Google Adwords Potential
Google ads ‘ online advertising is displayed through advertisements that have a direct relationship with the words we introduce in the Google search engine.

Thanks to this format we get a very effective weapon that is complemented with a set of tools that allow our company to increase its visibility on the Internet and increase the sales volume.

Google allows us to make online advertising through different types of campaigns, such as video campaigns, dynamicremarketing, Google Shoppingcampaigns, etc.

We can ensure that with Ads campaigns we reach more than 90% of users who are on the Internet.

How is Google Ads working?

So that we can understand how Google ads ‘ online advertisingtool works, we must pay attention to 4 basics:

  1. We only pay for the traffic that we manage towards our website, that is to say, we pay for the number of clicks that the users make in our advertisements. This is known as cost-per-click (CPC).
  2. As for the competition, our company competes with those businesses that seek to position themselves on Google using the same keywords that we use in our campaigns.
  3. We can fully control the expense we make at any time. This tool allows us to invest what we are willing to spend. There is not a maximum of investment or a minimum, although it is advisable to invest at least 10 euros a day to notice some positive effect.
  4. We have to constantly optimize our campaigns. Thanks to this optimization, we will safely reduce the budget of our ads, because the more we adapt to searches the higher the quality level, which implies a decrease in cost per click and therefore an increase IN ROI.

(Click here if you want to know more about the ROI)

Goal Setting

Thanks to Google Ads, we can establish and set a series of fundamental objectives for any online strategy: increase sales volume, capture customers and increase the visibility of our web page.

The star goal of any digital business is to increase sales through its website; To do this, we have to pay attention to:

  1. The volume of traffic: We must increase the number of visits in order to generate a greater volume of potential customers.
  2. The conversion rate: we have to try to maintain constant the number of visits to the web to increase the conversion rate of the same.
  3. The average ticket: To increase spending for the same number of consumers and therefore increase the volume of income.

Google AdWords Potential
The importance of keywords

With online advertising We get to respond to users who seek information related to our products and/or services in their searches.

A good selection of keywords will greatly influence our response to searches and thanks to them we position ourselves. It is important that we do a thorough key-word study to reach our potential clients.

If we can delve into this study and select the Keywords We will be increasing our chances of capturing new customers and therefore increasing our sales.

Five tips for choosing the best keywords for your Google Ads strategy

Here are 5 tips for a correct choice ofkeywords:

  1. As a starting point, we have to create a list of words that have a direct relationship with our business. To do this, we can put ourselves in the place of the users and analyze the words that the competitors use.
  2. We then select the specific words we will use to reach our target audience.
  3. Later, we’ll select a series of general keywords to expand the scope of action on users.
  4. We will create ad groups in Ads. To find out how to create the best ads by doing AB Tests Check out our blog.
  5. We recommend starting with about twenty words per ad group, so that we can increase the number of keywords as we optimize our campaigns.

As a summary, the goal of Google Ads is concrete to boost sales of businesses online.

Many companies with digital presence also seek to increase their visibility to publicize their products and/or services and make branding campaigns through the Display network.

It is important to remember that Google has millions of associated websites and others have them on property, such as YouTube and Gmail, so investing in online advertising allows us to reach many users around the world.

Find out more about this here.

Google AdWords Potential

Without any doubt, the most powerful online advertising tool currently available is Google ads.


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