7 aspects that might indicate that you should change SEM Agency. Face and Audit yours!

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SEM · 10 / 08 / 2015

The end of the Summer generates almost all of us a state of semi-depression. The return to work, to school or to the routine, the days are shortened, the leisure is reduced, it gets colder and more. However, a time of change makes us forget in a certain way of past things and changing things can also generate illusion and focus them as a process of improvement. If we are responsible for a Marketing, Sales and/or communication department, perhaps we should consider changing the SEM/PPC agency. Many people will avoid this process, staying in their comfort zone and going to the dreaded phrase of progress: “better known bad than good to know.” But if you want to face this process of change, looking to improve the profitability of the company, here we expose certain aspects that you should take into account to make a correct decision.

1. The Expert’s dilemma. Are you really experts?

Digital Marketing is an exciting world where everyone has room. The professionals and the less professional have a place, and there are many people who are branded as “SEM experts”. You have to be very careful with this profile, because if you do not detect and leave in your hands the management of high SEM budgets, the investment in advertising can be totally wasted if you do not have a real knowledge. How do we recognise if we are in an expert agency? We can ask you to answer questions such as:

    • How Many accounts do you manage?
    • How Many people are exclusively managing SEM/PPC accounts?
    • How Much investment do you manage?
Inversiones gestionadas de clientes  Digital Menta en Google

In our case we are 7 people exclusively (3 we are old Googlers) dedicated to PPC accounts, where AdWords represents us more than 90% of our time. In our agency we have accumulated almost 20,000 hours of flight in AdWords, a figure nothing negligible. It is also very useful to ask the status of Google partners to know if they are really experts.

Opciones de segmentación en Linkedin

Google Partners’s profile Digital Menta

On the other hand you have to be careful with the certifications In AdWords; They’re not enough! I myself entered Google certificate, and assured you that I had no idea to manage an account until more than 12 months spent all day inside AdWords.

2. High Budgets in the hands of non-specialists? Panic gives me!

If a non-expert gives a high budget for our company, this can “roll it very brown.” I have seen in my stage in Google in LATAM as an agency promoting tourism in a country, and not control the negative Keywords well, generated impacts and visits to the official tourism site through searches of escorts. This is a blatant case of how to throw away the investment and even generate a negative brand impact.

3. Sufficient Profitability? No? Change Your SEM Agency!

People are essential when it comes to providing services. That’s why trust makes it possible to delegate responsibilities to people who may be offering acceptable results with their management, but: Are they the best? A Marketing manager must always seek to obtain the maximum benefit from the shares and investments he performs. Therefore, independently that a person is of our total confidence, we have to wonder if it is generating the best profitability for our company. We have seen cases where changing the manager of the advertising accounts (internal or external) generates up to 100% more profitability. An impact too high on a company’s income statement so as not to think about doing an audit to change the SEM agency.

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4. Curriculum of the people we work with

An element of trust of the people we work with is their Curriculum Vitae:

  • What are your studies?
  • What is your work experience?
  • What companies have you worked In?
  • What clients have you worked with?
  • What attitude and skills do you have?

5. Case Studies

Case Studies can be a good point of analysis of a SEM Agency. Obviously Each advertiser is a world, but knowing the success stories of the same industry or similar, can give us a lot of confidence and security in hiring. The more success stories the better, and especially if they are related to the industry in which we move. Here we link you to two cases (Investment success Case And Case of education success), own with profitability improvements of up to 76%. We recommend that you consult Our Case Studies!

6. We do it internally, we do not want to change to a SEM agency, thanks

We have encountered many companies that manage SEM and PPC internally. We’re not going to say it’s wrong, but doing external audits with qualified specialists can help us understand if it’s enough just with someone internal, or someone outside needs to advise that particular profile.

7. SEM/PPC and something else?

The hyperspecialized agencies have many positive things, but they can also sin to leave opportunities aside for not knowing other tools or even mencionárselas to customers. We continue in our learning process and every day we seek to offer better service to our customers beyond the SEM-PPC. We always try to find solutions to their problems regardless of whether they are within our responsibilities. If after reading this post, you think you should review your PPC/SEM strategy, and know if you can get more profitability, do not hesitate to ask us for a free audit of your PPC accounts (AdWords, Facebook Ads, Criteo,…). Are you ready to change your SEM/PPC Agency?


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