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SEM · 23 / 04 / 2020

Surely you will have heard about Google AdSense and how to monetize your website focused on the generation of relevant content. Through this Google advertising platform, your website can be converted into an advertising inventory through which you can start profiting and generate benefits from your online project.

What is Google AdSense?

Before I start explaining how to create your account from scratch in Google AdSense, I’m going to explain exactly what it is.

The giant Google has long based one of its building blocks of the business in the advertising spaces of thousands of websites around the world. On the one hand, advertisers or companies seek to gain visibility to generate customers and on the other hand, thousands of websites offer quality and relevant content for each type of user. This is where the opportunity comes to you, showing suitable ads for your audience, that is, advertising that has a high segmentation power and quality standards, and thus begin to make profitable the effort and hours in your online project that you are so passionate about.

One of the main advantages of the Google AdSense platform is the power of control over the advertising that is displayed on your website, Google gives you the opportunity to review which ads are showing and block those that are less suited to your website.

This possibility has a great value since it allows you to maintain the relevance of your website with respect to the advertising that is displayed, so, your visitors will continue to register good time indexes on the pages and avoid bounce or abandonment rates.

¿How does Google AdSense work?

One of the key points so that you can earn money through the internet and although it seems obvious, is to make your website relevant to advertisers and to Google, that is, there must be advertisers willing to advertise on your page and so you can start monetizing.

The operation is very simple, through a CPC tool (Google Ads, from which you can learn more here) is how Google bills advertisers who show their ads on your page.

This way, every time a user clicks on one of the locations available in your advertising inventory, you receive the benefit.
With more traffic and more clicks, your website will be of more value and therefore will generate more turnover.

In order to do all this, you simply have to sign up for Google AdSense and install the code HTML that is provided in your website code.
In this way, it is possible to show ads based on the profile of the visitors and the other criteria determined by the algorithm of Google.

It is important that you keep in mind that unlike other advertising inventory platforms on the internet, you receive a percentage of profit after a user clicks, regardless of whether or not it ends in a purchase on the advertiser’s website. This is therefore another advantage that gives Google Adsense value unlike other platforms where the benefit is obtained by the final fulfillment of a goal, whether it is a purchase or the registration of a potential customer through a form.

Ho do the ads show?

Remember that in Google AdSense you have control, you can choose up to three different blocks to display advertising.

Once you choose the amount, you can determine what size you want for each of the ad units so that they adapt to the content and design of your website.

Anuncios Google AdSense
According to recommendations of Google, it should be placed around the content in a way that does not interrupt the reading of users, always taking into account the standards of usability and user experience.

Performance and optimization

Just as advertisers do on the other end with Google Ads, you can also analyze and download reports on the performance of your advertising space on your website to increase your profit.

In this way, you can perform optimization actions such as tests of variations or A / B tests, an example would be to change the type of ad or add some variation of colors that adapt more to the content and design of your website and so be able to measure which of the two versions has had a better performance in terms of CTR (click ratio between impressions received) and total clicks.

Abálisis del rendimiento en Google AdSense

Ad types

  • Text ads

These types of ads are the simplest that you can add on your page. They just show a text title, which contains a link to the advertiser’s website; and one or two lines of descriptive text regarding the product or service.

  • Display ads

These ads have a look of a banner and are the most valuable for your monetization goal, since they generally generate a higher click rate as they are graphic content.

There are different banner formats, whether horizontal, vertical, etc. As well as different sites at the beginning of the content, on the right line of the web or in the footer among others.

Anuncios de Display en Google AdSense

  • Rich Media

These types of ads are dynamic and interactive. There are GIF, HTML and video formats. They usually also generate a good rate of CTR, but however, it may affect the user experience while consuming the relevant content of your page.

  • Link blocks

Like the Text Ads, these are also of a simple format. These are different links that contain an anchor text, arranged in a list format and which direct to the final website of the advertiser.

Similarly, you will receive the benefit every time a visitor clicks on any of the different links provided on your page.

Steps to create your account

As I told you before, the process of creating your Google AdSense account is very simple:

  1. First of all you must access the specific Google AdSense website: 

  2. Once you have clicked on the register button, you must fill in the registration form.

  3. Next, complete the data related to your page such as its name, the country, as well as accept the terms and conditions of use of the platform.

Registrarse en Google Adsense

One of the aspects to remember and highlight is that Google AdSense does not allow you to create accounts under subdomains that are hosted through third parties. You will need to use your own domain to create your account.
It is something simple and economical that you can do through different websites for domain marketing and web hosting.

As a previous step to belonging to the AdSense platform, Google needs to track your web project and specifically the content found in it. In this way, the theme is determined and it is ensured that it complies withadvertising rules and policies, Google’s always preserving the information shown in its affiliates (sex, drugs or violence are the most monitored topics).

Finally and in order to start making money through your website, you will need to indicate the bank account number through which Google will make the transfers according to the benefits generated in the different ads.

In short, Google AdSense represents a very valuable opportunity for you to start making money through your digital project.

It allows you to continue generating valuable content and also make it profitable without any cost since it is completely free.

Thanks to the power of control, you can determine the amount of advertising inventory you want to display, its shape, its color, its format and even check which advertisers are appearing on your website and block those that you consider are not relevant to your audience’s profile. .

Measure and optimize through the Google AdSense reporting tool, in this way you always have opportunities for improvement and growth and thus make more profit volume for you.

And now, do you think you’re ready to start monetizing your page through Google AdSense?

If you want to know more about how to take advantage of this advertising tool of Google and many other possibilities of online recruitment strategies:

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