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Josue Simón

SEM · 03 / 11 / 2016

Have you ever had the feeling that someone should be spying on your computer because whenever they are browsing forums, or Facebook, or reading your favorite online newspaper; You get banners of products that you have just visited on Amazon or Ebay, or any other Web store?

Don’t worry, it’s a pretty usual practice. It is not espionage, it is called remarketing and many e-commerce use this advertising practice so that users do not forget them as a purchase option.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing consists of generating advertising impressions specifically aimed at users who have visited your website.

As you can see, no one is spying on you personally or your computer; But they are collecting information (always anonymous) of how users navigate their website.

Why do I need a remarketing strategy?

The goal of Remarketing is to convince the user that you have already known that finally end up buying your product and not another. In technical words, it would be to increase the conversion rate of the user visiting your website.

In the big webs, the majority of Internet users who return to visit them, already after having known previously, they do it thanks to a strategy of remarketing. This, along with the majority of users need more than a visit to the Web to finally end up buying, make remarketing an almost necessary option for all online businesses.

remarketing criteo

That’s how the remarketing process works

How can I start to remarketear my web users?

We firmly believe in remarketing as an almost indispensable strategy for almost all e-commerce. Adwords offers us the possibility to remarket in its networks of search, video or diplay; But if we want a different Stock than AdSense, with more premium spaces, or more specialized networks, in Digital Menta We also work with technology providers specializing in remarketing.

In this post we will make a basic tutorial on how it is remarketing with Criteo.

Remarketing with Criteo

Remarketing with Criteo works in a very simple and automated way.

The part of The Advertiser is to provide Criteo with the product feed from our website and install the user tracking codes on the Web. The rest is Criteo.

They are responsible for providing creativity in a dynamic way. This means that they are the ones who serve each user the banners with the format adapted to the specific advertising space that is available on the websites that the user is visiting. They also show you the products of your store that have attracted more interest to the user.

How is the performance of campaigns remarketing with Criteo?

This is the question in question for all who are considering starting with remarketing campaigns. With Criteo The first thing you have to do is set a profitability objective that they must fulfill for your campaigns. A return on investment or ROI that you consider optimal for your advertising, and they themselves will calculate if this is an achievable goal.

You have to keep in mind that the goal of Remarketing is to convince users that you can opt for your competition that they have to buy from you, but there is always a percentage of users who would have bought you without remarketing. Therefore I advise you that your goal of profitability is slightly higher than you would use in other networks.

While it is true that, with the experience of use that we have with Criteo, we can say that this network of Remarketing offers us a pretty good results in line with our objectives of profitability; It is also true that not all webs can take advantage of Criteo’s remarketing network. There are minimal entry barriers, such as a large number of unique users per month.

In future posts we will compare Criteo’s advantages compared to other remarketing networks. Be careful not to miss your comparisons. Which one do you think will be the best?


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