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Montse García

SEM · 30 / 01 / 2020

Do you want your ad to stand out from the competition? Improve your CTR? Are you looking for an easy way to improve your quality level? If the answer is yes, the time has come to master Google Ads ad extensions.

When we talk about Google Ads, the first thing that comes to mind is to set up campaigns to achieve, mainly, conversions. We want to draw attention to the rest of our competitors and be attractive to the public.

Today we are going to talk about this need to differentiate ourselves and excel, thanks to each ad we publish. We also want to remind you that you can check the 10 fundamental points to create the perfect Google Ads ad on our blog.

What are Google Ads ad extensions?

Ad extensions of Google Ads are an important part of our ads to consider, since expanded to add the announcement, adding more information than the basic title, URL and ad copy that traditionally can be used.

These extensions help our ads stand out because, in addition to providing additional information to the user, they take up more space on the Google results page, which increases the possibility that they attract the attention of users and they finally click , which in turn will reduce the cost per click and, in many cases, improve conversion rates.

Ad extensions that you should use to improve your campaigns

There are two types of ad extensions: manual (to be configured by the advertiser itself) and automatic (those that Google incorporates into campaigns in which this option has not been deactivated when you think you can improve ad performance).

Manual Extensions

The manual extensions, which we have to configure ourselves, which you must use depending on the objective you pursue with your ad. The most important are the following:

Ad extensions for site links

Allow us to show up to 6 links to different pages of our website in the ad, so customers can quickly and directly access the page that interests them most.

Examples of links would be: opening hours, best selling products, store locator…

Here is an example of what can be seen with the site links within the ad.

Extensiones de anuncio de enlaces de sitio

Location ad extensions

Location ad extensions improve local ads by allowing companies to show their address, phone number and location on the map.

They also include an address link in mobile ads for search engines that want to get directions to get to the business. As many customers prefer to search online rather than buy, they help them find stores more easily.

Call ad extensions

With the Google Ads call extensions, we can add our phone number to Google ads. This makes it easier for them to call us from search engines, especially on mobile devices. It also adds another element that helps our ad stand out and, hopefully, click on it.

In addition, Google claims that phone numbers increase click rates by up to 7%.

Extensiones de anuncio de llamada

Review ad extensions

These are really useful and allow us to use third party comments in our ads.

In order to use them it is necessary to find comments on trusted third-party sites such as TrustRadius, TrustPilot, etc. The main condition is that they have to come from a site known enough to get Google approval.

Featured text ad extensions

They are are another interesting type of extensions that allow us to add more text to the ads. We can add short phrases to show features or offers that will help the ad stand out from the rest. These could be:

  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Free shipping
  • Exclusive offers

They will appear below the main text of the ad as seen below:

landing page perfecta conversion

Price ads extensions

Show the prices of the different products and the user can scroll to the right or left to see them and access that specific product directly.

Extensiones de anuncio de precios

Through these price extensions we get more relevant and qualified clicks, since they allow us to filter them better when the user knows the price before clicking.

Text message ad extensions

These extensions allow the user to send a text message directly from the ad to our business. When you click, the messaging application will open on the mobile of the potential client with a predefined message that we will have to choose. You can respond to messages sent by users from the phone number we choose or from an email to which these messages will arrive.

Application ad extensions

This type of extension allows us to link our mobile or tablet app to the text ad, so the user can access both our website and download the application from the same ad.

Extensiones de anuncio de aplicación

Affiliate location ad extensions

This extension allows you to link the location of the stores that sell our product, so that the user will see directly in the ad where you can buy it.

Automatic ad extensions

There is an option to configure this type of automatic extensions so that, in the event that the platform considers that one of these automatic extensions will improve the performance of the ad, it will appear in the ad. They are compatible with campaigns and ad groups that use manual extensions.

Announcement extensions of seller ratings

Serves to show the overall satisfaction of customers with our company. It is scored from 1 to 5 stars and a minimum of 100 reviews and a 3.5 star rating is required for this extension to be displayed.

Extensiones de anuncio de valoraciones del vendedor

Dynamic structured fragment extensions

These extensions offer an additional piece of text that describes what our company offers in greater detail, in order to get the user to have more information before accessing our website.

Dynamic extensions of links to sites

Through this type of extensions, the user is redirected to specific sections of our website directly.

Automatic location extensions

With these extensions, the address where our business is located on the map is displayed, so that users can see how to get there easily.

Call announcement and automatic message extensions

If a telephone number and / or an address to receive messages is indicated on our website, and one of the objectives is to obtain calls and / or contacts, Google Ads can configure an extension with that number so that directly from the same call our business or communicate with him.

What type of extensions should we use?

Depending on the objective we pursue, it will be advisable to use one or another extension. For example, if what we are looking for is that potential customers buy from our physical store, we will use location extensions, affiliated location or featured text extensions by calling to visit the store. If our claim is that users communicate with us, we will use the call or message extensions. Finally, if we want customers to convert to our website, we could configure extensions of links to sites, featured text or structured snippets. As we observe, there is a wide variety of extensions that can be coupled to our objectives to achieve.

How are extensions configured?

To configure the extensions, click on “Ads and extensions” in the menu of pages on the left. So we will see both the ads and the extensions and automatic extensions that we have active in our account, each located in a tab, as we observe below:

Cómo configurar las extensiones

As for the cost of them, they are free, you only pay if you click on the ad or in any of the extensions, the price of the click being the same in both cases.

As a negative point we could comment that not all the extensions that we have configured will always be shown, since only the ads of the first positions are those that are shown with extensions.

What benefits do these Google Ads ad extensions provide us with?

The ads are more attractive and the user receives additional information at a time when he is willing to buy, so he can perform an action from the same search results.

They improve our quality level and the ranking of ads for free. Google considers the relevant uses of ad extensions in its quality level calculations, and will therefore improve our position in the search engine.
Clicks increase. Ads with extensions take up more space on the search engine results page. Even if you don’t provide additional relevant information, you’ll have more visibility and impressions, which in turn will drive clicks.

They improve our performance. In the beginning you can set as many extensions as we deem convenient and from there Google will choose the combinations with the best performance you want to show.

And finally, ad extensions on mobile devices have a great impact on CTR. The growth of the mobile, together with Google’s mobile optimization efforts, results in an extremely natural user experience between the search engine and the ad extensions.

Are you interested in using ad extensions in your Google Ads campaigns? At Digital Menta we can tell you which ones will improve the effectiveness of your ads. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you increase your conversions thanks to good use of Google Ads ad extensions.


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