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SEM · 16 / 06 / 2016

This is an article that we really wanted to write we talked about Bing Ads! It’s been a while since we started our first campaigns on this platform and it’s time we told you the secrets of one of the world’s leading search engines.

Starting from the beginning: certification

Before we got down to work, the first thing we did was to investigate the training part. We were looking for an Academies for Bing Ads, and found that there was a certification available. Unlike AdWords, they only offer one, but that’s enough!

If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to managing Bing Ads campaigns, we recommend that you take the test. It doesn’t cost you anything and although it doesn’t define you as a professional, it will be part of your business card.

Operation. Does it look like AdWords?

In the bones ???? The basic bidding system and auctions is the same, and the interface is quite similar:

Bing Ads Platform

Bing’s interface is similar to AdWords

In addition, the platform is updated periodically including features that we know of AdWords, yes, a few months after they are released by Google.

The main difference with AdWords is that Bing ads only offers search campaigns and display (content network) with text ads. In addition, this selection is made at the level of the ad group and not the campaign.

Bing Ads Strengths

  • It allows to use monthly budgets, something that we still do not have available in AdWords.
  • It uses a single line in the ads, of 71 characters, instead of two descriptive lines. The real difference lies in that extra character, but it can mean a lot, right?

Bing Ads Text

Bing ads have 71 characters

  • AdWords campaigns can be imported directly into Bing. We will only have to review that the language and country settings are correct, and check the networks in which we want to publish our ads and we will be ready to go. This is a very big advantage when we just want to ‘ test ‘ the performance on Bing, because it won’t take a lot of working time to get it going.
  • CPCs are usuallylower. We assume that it is due to the least existing competition, and we can collaborate this fact with our experience. Personally, in all the campaigns that I have managed in Bing the CPCs have been considerably lower than in AdWords. As a result, ROI is usually better.

Bing Ads Weak Spots

  • The platform is quite green, some modifications are tedious and the burdens become eternal. For example, you cannot edit the text of a keyword. You must do it from your Editor.
  • The Editor is only available for Windows such as o-yess ????!! Yes, the mobile app can be used with iOS and Android.
  • The penetration, depending on the country you are heading to, can be very low. This means that even if your ROI is very good, you won’t be able to expand the volume of traffic that comes from Bing ads, so the chances of growth are very limited.

In Digital Menta We have developed campaigns in different geographical locations. In Puerto Rico, for example, we find little demand but very good results. In the US, the demand was higher, but the results were not much better than in AdWords.

In case of Spain, we see little penetration of the seeker, although we believe it depends on the sector to work.

Penetration by country

First of all, if you are considering doing an advertising test on Bing Ads, forget the penetration figures and give it a try. If you have already configured AdWords campaigns, the import is so simple that it is worth trying even if the performance after is not the expected.

In any case, these are the last figures of penetration of the platform that we have found according to the country, offered by Return On Now:


In the United States, penetration is 21%, not bad, right?

In addition to this we must check that the country in which the campaigns are going to work is Available for Bing Ads.

In conclusion, we believe that Bing Ads is a secondary but much needed platform if you want to expand your market. In certain sectors, the AdWords network is small, and we do not have the volume of traffic we would like. That is when we can consider the use of other advertising platforms there is variety to choose from!: Bing Ads, PAN Network, Ligatus,…

We always recommend to do an initial test to feel the ambient, to see the field of improvement and the possibilities of expansion.

Have you decided yet? If you need help don’t forget we’re here ????


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